• F R I D A Y !

    Happy Friday friends!

    I'm sure everyone is super excited to enjoy their three day weekend! Hopefully everyone will also be enjoying yummy food! Check out this recipe for how to make some refreshing and pretty drinks! :)

    Photo by: Bethany Nauert

  • Copa Vida Coffee and Tea Cafe Review

    Happy Wednesday!

    If you are in the Los Angeles area or more specifically in the Pasadena area you should definitely stop by the lovely Copa Vida. Copa Vida is a newer coffee/tea shop in Old Town Pasadena. (They just celebrated their one-year anniversary!) Those of you who know me know that I do not drink coffee or tea so you might find this amusing I’m featuring such a shop but I do realize MANY of you live and function off of coffee and/or tea! So this one is for you all! Oh, and they also have a brunch menu and pastries that are made in house! They also have some exceptional coffee machinery in there. Which I have to be honest I don’t know much about. For you coffee connoisseurs out there though, you will most definitely appreciate it!

    Copa Vida

    70 South Raymond Avenue

    Pasadena, CA 91105

    Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-10PM // Saturday 8AM-10PM // Sunday 8AM-9PM

    p. 626-213-3952


    First Impression: Immediately when I walked in I loved this space! It was modern, clean and stylish! There were lots of seating and people doing work. It’s a really nice coffee and tea shop but without any pretentious vibes.

    Taste: I did not try the coffee, however Bethany had a Cortado, which she really enjoyed! I did try the Hibiscus Tea and really liked that! I also had their blueberry muffin which was delicious!

    Décor: First, I have to mention that the attention to detail in this shop is amazing! I'm a huge fan of anything black, white and/or teal and Copa Vidas colors are all three, so I obviously loved seeing all the white and black and pops of teal. The front room is a lovely mix of modern meets rustic. I really like this type of décor because it gives the perfect balance of new and clean but with the wood, metal and brick details to keep it organic and “raw” feeling. The back room is much darker and also has a brick wall, dark colors and dark wood accents. Copa Vida also sells coffee and tea accessories.

    Service: Great! Everyone is very friendly and helpful! They are also well educated on their coffee and tea!

    Ambiance: Mellow and relaxing. Copa Vida starts to fill up even early in the morning. Even though they get very busy, the spacious café keeps it from feeling stuffy. They have two different rooms to enjoy your coffee, tea and snacks in. The first room when you walk in is bright, open and has lots of white! The room connected in the back has a warmer darker vibe and brick walls. This was purposely done to create those two different vibes. You can notice the first room (the one with the white) has a lot more action and things happening, whereas the darker navy room has a much more quiet relaxing vibe with little to no noise. I found this to be the coolest part of their shop, the option to have different vibes in the same space!

    Overall Experience: It was great! Even though I do not drink coffee and tea (minus the tea I had here ;)) what I really liked about Copa Vida is that it was enjoyable for me even while the main focus is on those drinks I could still enjoy their pastries, food, juice (They sell Juice Served Here juices. You can learn more about those guys here!) and the atmosphere! I would definitely come back!


    Written and Reviewed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed by: Bethany Nauert

    Thank you to Caroline Tanaka and to owner Steve Chang (pictured below with me) for meeting with us! :)

  • 8 Pins That Are Making Me Hungry! (and thristy!)

    1. Kiwi Banana Granola Parfait with Banana (or "Nana") Cream // Recipe here! By NadsHealthyKitchen.com (This picture inspired this whole post, looks so delicious!)

    2. Spinach Blackberry Salad // Recipe here! By Camillestyles.com

    3. Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler // Recipe here! By Diethood.com

    4. Lemon-Garlic Zucchini Noodles with Roasted Tomatoes // Recipe here! By OhMyVeggies.com

    5. Green Goddess Sandwiches // Recipe here! By BojonGourmet.com (Oh my yum! Looks so good!)

    6. Raspberry Limeade Slush // Recipe here! By ChelseasMessyApron.com

    7. Caribbean Jerk Salmon Tostada with Grilled Pineapple Peach Coconut Salsa // Recipe here! By HalfBakedHarvest.com (Yum!)

    8. Peach Tarts with Goat Cheese and Honey // Recipe here! By SomeTheWiser.com (These also look amazing!)

    *All photos are from websites cited below photo.

  • Hydrate!

    Inspired by this hot summer heat and tropical vibes, here are some things to keep you cool and hydrated! Obviously, drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated but there are other things such as coconut water and fruits and veggies (cucumbers, watermelon and celery to name a few!) that are high in water content that will also keep you cool! 

    1. Perfect Fit Coconut Water Mix by PerfectFitProtein (You can learn about some more of their products here!) 2. Fruit Infused Water (also known as "Spa Waters") Learn how you can make your own here with some great fruit combinations! 3. bkr Glass Water Bottle by bkr 4. INVO Coconut Water with Thai Lime by INVO 5. Cucumber Raspberry Popsicles -- Recipe by Dessert for Two 6. Organic Ginger Limeade by Evolution Fresh (Love this drink! So refreshing!)

  • Throwback Thursday

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    With it being #ThrowbackThursday and all I thought I'd bring it back with one of my favorite smoothie recipes and also super fun shoot! You can find this yummy recipe here!


    Photo by: Bethany Nauert

  • My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

    I'm a huge fan of instagram. It's my favorite media platform. I have always been a visual person and I find sometimes pictures can speak for themselves without us needing to explain them. Instagram is great because you can see what people are up to, what they are promoting, you can learn about new recipes and products, even meet people through the app! I decided to share my favorite accounts when it comes to health food! Here are my 5 favorite instagram accounts I follow!

    1. @WrightKitchen

    I love her account for her use of making #foodgradients. Her posts are really mini art pieces! So pretty to look at!

    2. @JuliesKitchen

    She is another woman who has really taken food and made it into beautiful art! I love the look of messy but clean. You can purchase these prints from her website too!

    3. @_ChiaChild

    I love this girl's account! She always has beautiful bowls of fruit, veggies or salads. She also has really pretty shots of her meals in jars. Super cute!

    4. @Dicanelo

    Talk about beautiful food pictures! I love her pictures! Some are moody and some are bright but all of them make me hungry! She also has some travel pictures mixed in with these lovely food shots which also make me want to travel! Definitely a great account to follow!

    5. @TheChalkboardMag

    I enjoy looking at this account because they not only have lots of features with people's recipes but it's all about healthy living. There's some food, some beauty tips and a lot of other fun things! If you visit their website you can see all the articles on food, collaborations, fitness and nutrition!

    Written by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photos: *All from each instagram accounts mentioned above

  • Los Angeles Local Roundup

    There are so many great products that are locally made here in LA! I love discovering new companies and brands, espically ones that blow me away more than something that's mainstream! Here are a few favorite companies of mine found here in Los Angeles! (Note: A few are made outside of LA but still in California and the card in the center is made in Florida.) 

    1. Airplant by AirplantMan 2.Handmade Milk Vases by Robert Siegel Handmade 3. Hand Painted Ceramic Coasters by The Coastal 4. LA Juice by LA Juice Shop 5. Illustrated Los Angeles Art Print by Rifle Paper Co. 6. Los Angeles Market Bag by Apolis 7. Five Stripe Cutting Board by Would-Works

    Learn more about LA Juice Shop HERE! :)

  • Cooking Video with Ceviche Project

    Happy Monday everyone!

    I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’m really excited for today’s post! This project has been in the making for a long time! First, some background on the company that is featured in this post!

    Ceviche Project is a pop up company in Los Angeles. Ceviche Project focuses on… yup, ceviche! Octavio and Shannon Olivas are the owners and what I found to be especially neat about their business is they never use the same recipe twice! So for this post they created a special passion fruit drink as well as a delicious and beautiful ceviche dish, using all fresh and local produce from the Hollywood Farmers Market. The fish was also bought at the farmers market from a source out of Santa Barbara.

    I had visions prior to meeting Octavio and Shannon of creating cooking videos in a unique way that weren’t as traditional as they usually are. I believe this came from my fashion background. I wanted to portray a cooking segment in an editorial and more lifestyle way. I brainstormed a lot with Bethany Nauert for this project. Using her resources and my resources we created a really beautiful piece that I am so proud of!

    Thank you to everyone who was involved and helped make this possible! Thank you Bethany Nauert, Octavio and Shannon Olivas from Ceviche Project for making such beautiful food and drinks, John Saint-Denis for lending us your beautiful home and your prop styling skills as well as gathering some of your friends to be a part of this (Shanaz Khan, Tim Lee and Jeremy Manning ) and thank you Aris Jerome for taking your fashion eye and creating a unique take on this cooking video!

    Here is the first cooking video for Steamed Not Fried with Ceviche Project!


    You can learn more about Ceviche Project.. here!

    Below are some stills taken while we were filming.

    (Pictured above and below: Octavio and Shannon Olivas of Ceviche Project)

    (Pictured above: Residence of John Saint-Denis)

    (PIctured above: Residence of John Saint-Denis and Styling also by John Saint-Denis)

    (Pictured above: (from left to right) Jeremy Manning, Shanaz Khan, John Saint-Denis and Tim Lee)


    Written by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed by: Bethany Nauert

  • Juice Shop: Kreation Juice

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I’m excited to share today’s juice shop with you all! I love a shop that is really aesthetically pleasing. This one is for sure pretty to look at but also has lots of juices, health shots and snacks to satisfy your hunger or thirst! And keep an eye out for their Juice truck and juice bike! They also offer home delivery with their "juice kars."


    Kreation Juice

    (This review and photos are from their North Beverly Hills location:)

    9609 S. Santa Monica Blvd

    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    p. 310-777-3450


    Here is a list of all of their other locations:


    Abbot Kinney Kafe/Juicery

    1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

    Venice, CA 90291

    p. 310-314-7778


    Beverly Hills

    9465 Charleville Blvd.

    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    p. 310-247-8110



    151 S. Barrington Place

    Los Angeles, CA 90049

    El Segundo

    503 Main St.

    El Segundo, CA 90245

    p. 310-416-9766


    Manhattan Beach

    1300 Highland Ave. #110

    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


    North Manhattan Beach

    3516 Highland Ave.

    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    p. 310-545-7040


    Santa Monica Kafe/Juicery

    1023 Montana Ave.

    Santa Monica, CA 90403

    p. 310-458-4880


    Toluca Lake

    10115 Riverside Drive.

    Los Angeles, CA 91602

    p. 818-761-1348


    First Impression: I’ve driven past this shop many times and some of their other locations. It’s always very recognizable because the outside is so strikingly beautiful and unique! It really drew me in! It just looks like a healthy place!

    Taste: Great! I love my green juices, so I always like to try those out wherever I go. I went with one that had a little more sweetness. The Green #1 which has Apple, Cucumber, Romaine, Kale and Pear. I thought it was a perfect balance of the leafy greens and the sweetness of the fruit. There are soo many juices to choose from though it was hard to decide and I would definitely come back to try more of them and some of their smoothies. They also have the option to “Kreate Your Own” juice by choosing your fruits and veggies from their servings station! I really liked that they offered this as well as the pre-bottled juice. What is also really cool that they have is a self serve juice machine out front. So you can order your juice like a walk up window and not even have to go inside! I had never seen that before -- neat idea! It's like redbox but for juices. ;)

    Décor: So pretty! I love the inside of this shop! It had a modern meets organic feel to it. Lots of light, colors and wood detail.


    Price: It’s about $8.00 for a juice. Some would consider that expensive but I feel like it’s reasonable.


    Service: Good, no complaints! The girl working while I was there was super sweet and helpful. Which I think is great when going to place like that especially if you’re someone who isn’t familiar with juices and what to order. Having someone who knows how to help you find something you’d like is essential!


    Ambiance: The shop has a really earthy inviting vibe to it. All the wood details make it feel cozy and homey. At the same time is also feels very modern and upscale. It’s a place you can definitely go to by yourself to just grab and go or enjoy your snack and juice outside or inside. It would be a great place to meet someone for a “drink” too.

    Overall Experience: Great! I really liked this juice shop! I’d definitely go back. I also loved that they sell other things such as snacks, t –shirts, books and DVDs. I want to point out that they sell the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD. It’s an amazing documentary and I highly recommend it to everyone of you! Especially those of you are new to the juice world and/or are unsure of it’s benefits and why everyone is drinking juice! Haha! Anyway that’s more for another post! ;)


    Written, Reviewed and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

  • Restaurant Review: Natural Selection

    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    I’m always on the hunt for new restaurants and obviously healthy ones. That’s one of the main reasons I started this blog. I wanted to have a place to put all the spots I love and have come to love and discover. I felt like it was something other people could appreciate as well. Enough back story though! Here is a restaurant I stumbled upon while out and about. They have two different locations one in LA and one in Arcadia. I went to the Arcadia one, so if you’ve been to the Los Angeles one don’t be thrown off by the pictures! ;)  Here is my review for Natural Selection, a restaurant committed to healthy eating by sourcing their produce locally and serving only organic and in season fruits and vegetables.


    Natural Selection

    305 N. Santa Anita Ave.

    Arcadia, CA 91006

    p. 626-294-0466

    Hours: Mon-Sat 7AM to 7PM Closed Sundays


    646 Main Street

    Los Angeles, CA 90014

    p. 213-265-7470



    First Impression: I thought it was very cute when I first got there. I really liked all the outdoor seating. I’m always sold on a place when they have that option!

    Taste: I liked my meal. Simple but tasty. I had the spinach quesadilla with black beans. The sauce they serve with it is so good! (They make all their own sauces!) I’d really like to try one of their bowls or wraps next time! I also had the Tropical Breeze smoothie, which had apple juice, strawberries and banana. It was definitely tropical tasting!


    Décor: The décor in here was very simple. Plenty of seating inside and outside and a few things hanging.

    Price: Very reasonable! Everything is pretty much under $10.00.


    Service: Good! No complaints here!


    Ambiance: It was very quiet in here. It probably had to do with the time I went. It wasn’t a place for a real romantic meal but perfect for lunch on the weekend with friends, by yourself or with coworkers for lunch.


    Overall Experience: Overall, I liked Natural Selection. I felt like they had a lot of options on the menu. I think it’s a great place if you want to grab something healthy but don’t have a lot of time to eat or maybe you do and just want to chat for a while with friends. A really laid back atmosphere with good food.


    Written, reviewed and photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich