Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice

Happy Thursday friends!

Welcome to the new Moon Juice shop in Silver Lake, Amanda Chantal Bacon's newest East Side excursion. Opening her doors to a new neighborhood,  her new cold pressed juices, fresh smoothies and organic raw treats bring an elegant artistry to the juice culture of Los Angeles. 
Where there seem to be new juice spots popping up all over town, what Amanda has accomplished with Moon Juice are some of the most tasty juices we've encountered. Offering some more traditional green juices (try the Goodness Greens), the case is also stocked with some winning contenders like the Cucumber, Pineapple and Jalapeño and another I love the Watermelon, Tomatoes and Lime. Also if you want to nosh on something small and filling try their packaged almonds or their chia seed pudding. Offering more than just juices, you can enjoy a fresh blended smoothie, or pick up some healing elixirs and products as well. It's healing for the entire body, mind and spirit. 

Check out our local business interview with Amanda!

Specialty of Business
Silver Lake and Venice, CA
Have you always had a dream of opening a juice shop? If not, how did the concept of opening one come about?
"I had no idea I was going to open Moon Juice. It was an organic evolution of my professional experience mingled with my passion for health and wellness."  
How did you come up with the name “Moon Juice”?
"I originally had another name for the brand that I was totally uninspired by. I was in Northern California standing on the beach one morning when an old-school bus came rolling up through the fog. It had this hippie mural of the moon painted on the side. Moon Juice came to me in that moment."
Why did you choose to open your shop originally in Venice? And why did you choose Silver Lake to be the second location?
"I lived on the east side and as an urban dweller, the idea of Venice appealed to me with it's walking and bike culture. This was pre-juice bar craze, but it seemed to me like a community that would support juice. I chose Silver Lake as the second Moon Juice location so I could bring juice to my friends! I picked a spot that I want to show up every day and serve a community that I know and love."

What was the most important thing to you when opening your shops? (As far as feel, overall experience, menu, products. What did it definitely have to have?)
"It must be the best it can be - each shop should be some form of perfection. It has to have the things that I personally love, use and do every day. It must up level and uplift." 

 (Pictured Above: Amanda's favorite's at Moon Juice)

At home, what are your favorite things to make/eat?

"Whatever is happening in the farmers market. I pick vegetables and fruits, whatever is most vibrant and graze on that throughout the week. Life is a veggie fest, paired with cultured veggies (from the new menu), oils, spices, sprouted grains and heirloom beans."

What kind of process do you use to make your juices?

"Moon Juice cold presses. The vegetables, fruits, and leaves are hydraulically pressed, which doesn't heat or oxidize the produce. The result is the most nutrients dense juice around, loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements. One bottle of Moon Juice is the closest thing you're going to get to 3 pounds of raw, 100% organic vegetables, herbs and fruit." 
In the craze of all the juice fads, what separates Moon Juice from the rest?

"All of our juices are medicinal grade and are inspired by my culinary background. Our kitchen is run like a fine dining restaurant's, the juice is tasted and perfected before it goes into the bottle. Moon Juice also has a sprouted, raw food line that includes cultured, live cheeses. And the apothecary has an edited selection of the most powerful remedies on the market."

What is the most fulfilling thing about owning your own juice shop?

"Glowing skin...even if you haven't slept in two weeks. That, and the people that it draws in."

What is the most popular juice and/or snack purchased at Moon Juice?

"Goodness Greens, Golden Milk and Gingered Lemon have been the most popular since day 1."

Can we look forward to future Moon Juice locations?