Andrew McFarlane of Open Source Organics


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today we are sharing an interview with business owner, Andrew McFarlane of Open Source Organics. With the juice trend on the rise, Los Angles has no shortage of options for cold press juice bars. We wanted to spotlight this juice bar located in the heart of Hollywood! Andrew's philosphy about juicing is quite simple. He believes, "it will change your idea of how good you can feel. Many people are lacking nutrition and this is a powerful way to recharge your system.” Let's check out our interview with Andrew!

Name: Andrew McFarlane for Open Source Organics

Location: 7107 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Specialty of Business: “Pressed Juice, Cleanses and Superfood Smoothies as well as Raw foods and Raw treats.”

What inspired you to open a juice business?  “I always like to share things that I feel have benefited me in a profound way. As I got more into juicing, I always loved making juice for other people. So truthfully I like to nurture peoples health as an expression of my love.” 

Do you have previous history in the food industry? “No, primarily my background was in the entertainment industry. This is very different in terms of execution.”

What is your favorite juice? “Right now I am loving the SuperFood Juice at the store. Apple Cucumber Parsley Kale Spirulina and Chlorella. It's tasty and powerful.”

What makes Open Source Organics stand out from other juice companies? “When you come into our store, you can modify your juices if need be.  A lot of places that press juice do not offer that as an option. It's kind of a take it or leave it situation. As well as our smoothies. They taste amazing and they quality of ingredients that we use in them is not like anything that I have seen anywhere else.”

Why do you encourage juicing? “If you haven't done it, it will change your idea of how good you can feel. Many people are lacking nutrition and this is a powerful way to recharge your system.”

What type of juicer/juicing process do you use?We use a masticating press process. This is similar to a grinding process. The juice is pressed out through a slow moving augur, which has these teeth like protrusions that press out the juice. Originally when we started the business we used an hydraulic press, but I quickly learned that it was not the way to go. The juice was not as high quality and it was limited in the kinds of items you could juice.”

What’s your long-term goal with Open Source Organics? “Truthfully, I don't usually live my life that way. Having goals is nice but I like to take things as they come. So in the dimension of this project I always juice want to increase the value in our service over all and that can take many forms."

Last words?  “DRINK MORE JUICE, your body will thank you for it.”