Cafe Verde

 Maybe you’re planning a mini vacation/weekend getaway. If you are and Ojai happens to be where you end up, go check out this amazing restaurant at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa!

First Impression: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is one of many restaurants at the Ojai Valley Inn. You have to walk across the hotel grounds to get to it but it’s a beautiful walk with lots of lovely landscaping and views.

Taste: Delicious! Everything we ordered was so tasty! For an appetizer we ordered the Vegan Spring Rolls and the Chicken Lettuce Cups. Both were very satisfying! The Vegan Spring Rolls were raw veggies and mint with a peanut chili sauce on the side. The Chicken Lettuce Cups consisted of shredded chicken, grilled corn, scallions and an avocado sauce served on leafs of romaine lettuce. Bethany ordered the Black Bean Burger, which was a house made patty. The patty was topped with a large roasted red bell pepper, baby spinach and smoked paprika aioli. Bethany says this is one of the best homemade veggie burgers she’s ever had! I ordered the Salmon Wrap, which was absolutely delicious! I would drive all the way back to Ojai just to have this again! The wrap was a grilled salmon, avocado, sprouts and radish rolled in a grilled wheat flatbread. I substituted the sweet potatoes fries for a side salad with balsamic dressing. I also ordered the “All Green” pressed juice, which consisted of spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley and green apple. Also very tasty!

Décor: Very upscale, staying cohesive with the architecture of the entire hotel, which is Spanish Colonial. Café Verde has beautiful seating inside and outside. The elegance of the Ojai Valley Inn is not limited to just the guest suites it carries over to Café Verde as well.Price: The prices are very reasonable for a restaurant at a very upscale Inn.

Service: Our server was very friendly and consistently checked to make sure we were pleased with our meals.

Ambiance: Café Verde is situated right next the hotels spa, which creates a very peaceful, quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Overall Experience: We both really enjoyed dining at Café Verde! They had tasty food, pleasant atmosphere and great service!