Today I’m reviewing the wonderful restaurant, Clementine, which is situated between Beverly Hills and West LA in Century City. (There is a location in Beverly Hills as well!) Clementine is a great café/ bakery owned by chef Annie Miler. This restaurant definitely gives you a comfortable homey vibe that pairs well with all of their homemade treats and dishes! 


1751 Ensley Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90024

310. 552. 4774 

First Impression:

Before I had heard any great things (which is all I have heard about Clementine!) It first caught my eye as I was driving. The awning alone gave me an indication that it looked like a cute little restaurant, sure enough it was! Right when you walk into Clementine you feel “at home.” Lot’s of wood details, warm colors and smells of yummy food!


Amazing! Everything we had was so delicious! (And all made in house!) First we had the Cranberry Corn Muffin and the Whole Grain Muffin with Dried Cherries. Both were so tasty! We came during breakfast so we decided to try some of the things on the breakfast menu. I had the Breakfast Scramble #1 which comes with baby spinach, three cheeses, basil and mushrooms. With the scrambles you can choose between toast or a biscuit and fruit or baby greens. I had the biscuit, which I had to try because I just knew it was going to be delicious! The entire meal was filling and tasted great! I would definitely come back just for this meal alone! Bethany tried the Two Poached Eggs, which comes with fruit and your choice of biscuit or toast. Bethany also tried the biscuit, which was so good! She would definitely order this meal again too!


Very traditional! It reminded me of a place you would find in a small town or in the North East. It definitely stands out from most restaurants you’d find in Los Angeles. The back wall to the right of the restaurant is covered with Clementine's posters from each years National Grilled Cheese Month. There are lots of pastries, pre packaged food and tasty treats that almost act as décor that line the front and sides of the check out.


Very, very reasonable! Especially for the quality of food you’re getting! Nothing on the menu is over $13 that is unless you are buying a family sized Heat–at–Home Entrée.


Great! Everyone working there is very friendly!


Warm and welcoming! You feel at home while dining here. You also have the option to sit outside, which is always nice!

Overall Experience:

Great! I would definitely recommend trying this restaurant out if you have not already. I will be back very soon!


Written & Review by: Kristen Tola Hettich

Photographed by: Bethany Nauert