Happy Wednesday everyone!

If you live on the Westside of LA or are in the area, I have a great restaurant/market for you to visit, FarmShop! This is a great place to grab premade salads, pastries, drinks/juices/coffee, meats and veggies and wine for a quick bite to eat or to bring home to cook with later. You can also dine-in in their restaurant area on the opposite side of the space! Today’s review is on FarmShop’s restaurant! Loved their food and the space! :)



225 26th Street Ste. 25

Santa Monica, CA 90402




First Impression: The first thing I noticed (and I’m sure a lot of people notice) is how pretty the space was and the overall cool vibe, not in a pretentious way though! ;) There is so much to take in when you walk in, do I want to eat at their restaurant or do I want to grab something to go…or both?! Really great concept and loved the layout inside!

Taste: Yummy! Everything is obviously really fresh here. I tired the Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, which were so good! I always base the quality of my meals on not only the taste but also how memorable it was. These were definitely some memorable brussel sprouts! I also had the Country Line Harvest Lettuces, which were also very tasty. There was a lot that sounded good on their menu, would love to try everything!

Décor: Beautiful! I am someone who loves big open spaces with lots of white (and subway tiles!) FarmShop definitely has both! I love the mix of rustic vibe, with (exposed beams and wooden tables) a clean/modern vibe. I especially loved the pop of peacock color on their booths!

Price: Their prices are reasonable but leaning more on the pricier side with some of their items. The cheapest plate for lunch is $8 and goes up to $30 with their Scallops.

Service: Great! Their staff is all very friendly! Always makes for a great experience when dining out!


Ambiance: FarmShop did a great job of separating their two different areas (Market and restaurant) and while you’re dining in the restaurant area you almost forget there is even a market. It would be a great place to go with friends and co-workers. It didn’t really have a romantic vibe to the restaurant but it would still be a cute place to meet up for a date.

Overall Experience: Lovely! They have really great food and a beautiful restaurant/market! Definitely a great place to know about if you are in the area and want to grab a bite to eat!


Written, Reviewed and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich