Greg Alterman + Alex Matthews of Juice Served Here

Today’s post is on a brand new juice bar that has just opened in the heart of Los Angeles, Juice Served Here! Founded by Greg Alterman and Alex Matthews, both originally having come from fashion backgrounds, decided to merge their love of juicing and add their design aesthetic to the juice industry.  “Never conventional” is their company slogan and they definitely have achieved that through their juices, branding and the atmosphere of their shop!  Check out our interview with Greg and Alex to see how they aimed to create their own lane in this “typically granola industry,” as stated by Alex.

Name: Greg Alterman (pictured above) & Alex Matthews

Name of Business: Juice Served Here

Your first Juice Served Here location is finally open! What are you both most excited for people to experience through your shop?

Greg:  “As soon as people walk through our door the experience starts. A different experience than any other juice bar they may have come to know.”

Alex: “Our carefully crafted range of 22 cold pressed organic juices, all served in glass. The community table and Wifi. Our Taschen books and Monocle Magazine. Most of all, our juice bar. People are gravitating to the bar with friends to have a sampling of our juices and soak up the energy.”

Having both come from different backgrounds from the food industry, why did you decide to pursue a different avenue in your careers?

Greg: “Alex and I used to meet as friends for juice and we liked the space , saw its potential and felt like we could offer a different option to the market while maintaining a real differentiation factor.”

Alex: “I have suffered with Psoriasis from a young age, and discovered that un-pasteurized cold pressed juice addressed by condition. It was a miracle to me! That got me focused on juicing and the benefits, which lead to Greg and I teaming up. We wanted to build a juice co that was Never Conventional in design, packaging, stores, cleanses and attitude. “

How long have you both been juicing?

Greg:  20 years

Alex:     6 years

What are each of your favorites juices from your shop?

Greg:  05 Block Rockin Beets //  08 Pipe cleaner // 12 Cream Party 

Alex:  01 Field Of Greens // 12 Cream Party //  08 The Pipe Cleaner

“Never Conventional” is your company tagline, why is it so important to you both that Juice Served Here have it’s own lane and not be the norm?

Greg:  “There is another juice bar on every corner in this city. We want to earn our keep and give people a reason to come to us. Being "never conventional " is just committing to being different than the norm. Different experience than the competition starts w the product and ends with how a customer feels as they leave our store.”

Alex:  “Never Conventional applies to 3 key elements of our business.

1. Produce – We only use organic produce and not conventional. Conventional produce is not organic

2. Product – Our menu is focused on less repetition of ingredients, and the nutritional aspects of cold pressed juice. Our cleanse for example, features 8 cold pressed juices, but features an energy bar (raw) and a soup which you can heat on the stove. That’s something unique to Juice Served Here

3. Experience – Our stores / packaging / website / retail offer puts the customer at the center. When you ask for a shot of B12, it is delivered on a Japanese handcrafted wooden tray, in a Heath Ceramic shot glass vial. Our stores are designed to be inviting and comfortable, but mixed with clean, cutting edge design.”

This may be going back to your company slogan but what did Juice Served Here definitely have to have? As far as atmosphere/decor, location, menu, etc.

Greg: “Glass bottles

Organic produce always 

High quality chic atmosphere 

Diverse options on menu

Feeling of community

Raw bake shop”

Do you locally source your produce?

Alex: “Yes, whenever possible. Coconuts are never local.”

We LOVE your branding and packaging! You both have backgrounds in fashion; do you find that your fashion aesthetic crossed over into what you have done with Juice Served Here and has helped set you apart in that regard?

Greg:  “ Yes. Less is more as far as we are concerned.  Labeling and aesthetic can go too far sometimes if you are not careful. Juice Served Here "the name " was meant to be so bad it's good. All of the branding and package that surrounds it matches that mantra.”

Alex:  “100% Yes. We both love fashion still, and believe in good design, functionality and customer engagement. Having a diverse background, puts a new perspective on a typically granola industry.”

Do you think fashion and the food industry ever go hand and hand?

Alex:  “Absolutely yes. Without good design (décor, function, mood, menu, food) you have nothing. Fashion and Food are friends!”

What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own company? And what advice would you give someone who was considering or working towards having their own business?

Greg: “Being free to do what you want. Start early and go for it. Dare to be different.”

Alex: “It’s rewarding and punishing at the same time. You work harder, smarter, longer and with focus when it’s your baby. Tough times will always be there, no-matter what your success, but the good times out-weigh the bad. My only piece of advice would be to make time to plan. Really focus on planning ahead. It will save you.”

Where can people find Juice Served Here and Can we look forward to future Juice Served Here Locations?

Juice Served Here can also be found at the following locations:

Farm Shop – Brentwood

Alternative Apparel – Abbott Kinney & Larchmont

Om Nom Organics – Downtown Los Angeles

Oaks Gourmet – Franklin Village

Flag Ship store

8366 W 3rd Street

Los Angeles

CA, 90048

Store 2

Bikram Yoga Marina Del rey

2903 Washington Blvd

Marina del Rey,

CA 90292

Store 3

The Market On Holly (Coming December 2013)

57 E Holly Street


CA 91103