Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Today we are giving a shout out to a product that I LOVE!!!

Harmless Harvest Coconut WaterThis brand of coconut water is so tasty that I would go, as far as to give it the award for “Best Coco H20” - it’s THAT good!  If you see it when you’re at the store grab some, because often when I go to pick some up they’re out and then I’m sad. I don’t want you to all be sad and without coconut water!

Some of you might still be wondering, “What is coconut water?”  

Well it’s just that, water from coconuts! This particular brand sources their green coconuts from Thailand! (Click the link below to read more and see pictures of them harvesting and collecting the coconuts!)

Why should you drink coconut water?

Most importantly it’s packed with electrolytes, potassium, calcium and magnesium!  Think of it as Mother Nature’s natural sports drink. Coconut water has more potassium than bananas! It’s also low in calories and the purest liquid second to water itself! (Coconut water is made of 94% water!) Coconut water keeps you really hydrated! You can drink it after exercising or drink it when you’re sick to get rehydrated and back to good health! Overall, this is a great naturally refreshing healthy alternative to sugary drinks!

How do I enjoy coconut water?

You can obviously drink it alone which I love to do! Or if I’m having a sugar tooth moment but I also really like to use coconut water in smoothies!  Maybe you don’t like the taste of it by itself but most of the time in smoothies it will mask the flavor but you will still get the benefits of drinking it.

What makes Harmless Harvest “the best”?

I’ve tried many coconut waters, of course nothing beats the water straight from a coconut but if you’ve misplaced your machete or hammer and need a quick alternative, I have found this to be the best tasting coconut water. Besides it having the perfect sweetness and nutty flavor, I really like that this product is USDA certified organic, 100% raw and never heated! They use a special process that uses very high pressure instead of heat to keep bacteria from forming. I also like how Harmless Harvest is very up front with their customers on where they’re sourcing the coconuts to their procedure of how they process the coconut water. You can click this link: http://www.harmlesscoconut.com/Harmless_Coconut to read more on their company! You can also run a search on their website for where to find this product in your area!