• Good Eggs LA Home Delivery

    Happy Tuesday friends!

    Last week I got my first delivery from Good Eggs LA, a company that bring local produce and products to your doorstep. You can also pick up from their location in Atwater Village (aka Frogtown) or at any of their pick up spots found throughout LA! I decided to have my order delivered to my home, I felt so bad because the one-day it rains in LA is the day they were delivering my food! They still came to my door though, even in the pouring rain! They have cooler bags with ice packs inside to keep your refrigerated and frozen items cold. Good Eggs LA acts as your grocery store for all things local and made in LA! (Which I absolutely love!) As a first time customer they included a bag of local clementines and a bottle of chocolate milk (Which is not pictured because I drank it immediately! Haha!) Along with their first time customer gifts I ordered some kale (Also not pictured because it got used right away!), lemons, NoMoo non-dairy wise cream, Bakeology cookies (Learn more about Bakeology here!) and the Good Eggs staff pick of the month, Coldwater Canyon Mango Jam!  Everything was very fresh and tasty! Another thing I love about Good Eggs LA, is that they hardly have any inventory, so when you purchase something through their website the food producers and/or farmers are notified and they bring it to the Good Eggs headquarters a day or less before it’s supposed to be delivered or picked up! So they don’t just have food sitting around waiting to be purchased so everything you get is fresh! I definitely recommend trying out Good Eggs and considering using them as your local grocery store! You can start shopping right now in their online market...here!


    Written, Styled and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich