• My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

    I'm a huge fan of instagram. It's my favorite media platform. I have always been a visual person and I find sometimes pictures can speak for themselves without us needing to explain them. Instagram is great because you can see what people are up to, what they are promoting, you can learn about new recipes and products, even meet people through the app! I decided to share my favorite accounts when it comes to health food! Here are my 5 favorite instagram accounts I follow!

    1. @WrightKitchen

    I love her account for her use of making #foodgradients. Her posts are really mini art pieces! So pretty to look at!

    2. @JuliesKitchen

    She is another woman who has really taken food and made it into beautiful art! I love the look of messy but clean. You can purchase these prints from her website too!

    3. @_ChiaChild

    I love this girl's account! She always has beautiful bowls of fruit, veggies or salads. She also has really pretty shots of her meals in jars. Super cute!

    4. @Dicanelo

    Talk about beautiful food pictures! I love her pictures! Some are moody and some are bright but all of them make me hungry! She also has some travel pictures mixed in with these lovely food shots which also make me want to travel! Definitely a great account to follow!

    5. @TheChalkboardMag

    I enjoy looking at this account because they not only have lots of features with people's recipes but it's all about healthy living. There's some food, some beauty tips and a lot of other fun things! If you visit their website you can see all the articles on food, collaborations, fitness and nutrition!

    Written by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photos: *All from each instagram accounts mentioned above