• Hydrate!

    Inspired by this hot summer heat and tropical vibes, here are some things to keep you cool and hydrated! Obviously, drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated but there are other things such as coconut water and fruits and veggies (cucumbers, watermelon and celery to name a few!) that are high in water content that will also keep you cool! 

    1. Perfect Fit Coconut Water Mix by PerfectFitProtein (You can learn about some more of their products here!) 2. Fruit Infused Water (also known as "Spa Waters") Learn how you can make your own here with some great fruit combinations! 3. bkr Glass Water Bottle by bkr 4. INVO Coconut Water with Thai Lime by INVO 5. Cucumber Raspberry Popsicles -- Recipe by Dessert for Two 6. Organic Ginger Limeade by Evolution Fresh (Love this drink! So refreshing!)