• Copa Vida Coffee and Tea Cafe Review

    Happy Wednesday!

    If you are in the Los Angeles area or more specifically in the Pasadena area you should definitely stop by the lovely Copa Vida. Copa Vida is a newer coffee/tea shop in Old Town Pasadena. (They just celebrated their one-year anniversary!) Those of you who know me know that I do not drink coffee or tea so you might find this amusing I’m featuring such a shop but I do realize MANY of you live and function off of coffee and/or tea! So this one is for you all! Oh, and they also have a brunch menu and pastries that are made in house! They also have some exceptional coffee machinery in there. Which I have to be honest I don’t know much about. For you coffee connoisseurs out there though, you will most definitely appreciate it!

    Copa Vida

    70 South Raymond Avenue

    Pasadena, CA 91105

    Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-10PM // Saturday 8AM-10PM // Sunday 8AM-9PM

    p. 626-213-3952


    First Impression: Immediately when I walked in I loved this space! It was modern, clean and stylish! There were lots of seating and people doing work. It’s a really nice coffee and tea shop but without any pretentious vibes.

    Taste: I did not try the coffee, however Bethany had a Cortado, which she really enjoyed! I did try the Hibiscus Tea and really liked that! I also had their blueberry muffin which was delicious!

    Décor: First, I have to mention that the attention to detail in this shop is amazing! I'm a huge fan of anything black, white and/or teal and Copa Vidas colors are all three, so I obviously loved seeing all the white and black and pops of teal. The front room is a lovely mix of modern meets rustic. I really like this type of décor because it gives the perfect balance of new and clean but with the wood, metal and brick details to keep it organic and “raw” feeling. The back room is much darker and also has a brick wall, dark colors and dark wood accents. Copa Vida also sells coffee and tea accessories.

    Service: Great! Everyone is very friendly and helpful! They are also well educated on their coffee and tea!

    Ambiance: Mellow and relaxing. Copa Vida starts to fill up even early in the morning. Even though they get very busy, the spacious café keeps it from feeling stuffy. They have two different rooms to enjoy your coffee, tea and snacks in. The first room when you walk in is bright, open and has lots of white! The room connected in the back has a warmer darker vibe and brick walls. This was purposely done to create those two different vibes. You can notice the first room (the one with the white) has a lot more action and things happening, whereas the darker navy room has a much more quiet relaxing vibe with little to no noise. I found this to be the coolest part of their shop, the option to have different vibes in the same space!

    Overall Experience: It was great! Even though I do not drink coffee and tea (minus the tea I had here ;)) what I really liked about Copa Vida is that it was enjoyable for me even while the main focus is on those drinks I could still enjoy their pastries, food, juice (They sell Juice Served Here juices. You can learn more about those guys here!) and the atmosphere! I would definitely come back!


    Written and Reviewed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed by: Bethany Nauert

    Thank you to Caroline Tanaka and to owner Steve Chang (pictured below with me) for meeting with us! :)