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    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    Today I’m going to switch it up a little. Blogging can be really interesting. There are people who have told me that a blog should be personal or at least you are sharing part of your life with your readers. Then there are blogs and websites I follow that I have no idea who the person writing is or what they even look like. I still frequent their blogs based on their content. I obviously like it so I go back, I don’t really get hung up on who they are or what their life is about. In some cases it is nice to know more about people and their background. I think in general as humans we are nosey and want to have as much information about people as we can. Times now have made things even more shared. We are sharing our lives all over the place.

    Those of you who know me or have read the long story I posted a while back know that I lost both of my parents. Today is actually my father’s birthday. And those of you, who do know, know he was a chef. While I never have considered becoming a chef or being in the food industry, I know I was somehow inspired by my father to start this blog. I was told I couldn’t do a blog about food if I had no culinary background. I honestly felt unsure about starting it for this reason. I still did it though. I didn’t go to school at the Cordon Bleu nor do I have any background in food, other then being around it my entire life. (And I mean this as being raised by a chef and my mom always baking or cooking.) But that is enough for me! ;)

    So I wanted to get a little more personal and share some pictures of my father. He will always be my inspiration, my hero and the greatest father ever. He worked harder than any one I’ve ever met, even to this day. So this post is dedicated to him and all his work as a chef. Happy Birthday, Dad – Love you!

    (Picture above: My father in our backyard in Florida, not sure what year.)

    (Picture above: My dad working in Palm Beach, FL. Not sure what year this is either.)

    (Picture below: This is a tearsheet from The Sandpiper. I believe this was the Wianno Club's news magazine. Reading all the places he had worked and all that he accomplished makes me so proud!)

    Here are a couple fun pictures of me working on my cooking/prepping skills!

    (Picture below: Me shucking corn, paying my dues since 92. Haha! Seriously though, this was in 1992. My mom had me out back while we were up in Cape Cod, shucking corn (and missing my two front teeth :P))

    (Picture below: Me mixing up something at our house in Florida.)