• Back...

    After almost a 7 month (to date) hiatus from the blog, I’m back. I stopped the blog because of many reasons. At the time I stopped in December I was going through a lot in my personal life and also had ideas for a different direction for the blog. I felt stuck and so I completely stopped writing/posting. As 2015 started, I took some time to reflect and grow. I never truly forgot about the blog, though.

    As a person with OCD, I found (and find) myself busy in other areas and hyper focused on those and then as a result other areas of my life get neglected. Now I’m not saying that is an excuse, but it comes into play in my life constantly. Also being a perfectionist, I get even more stuck on trying to make everything “perfect” before the public see’s it. The problem with that is that it never gets out there or finished. I realize it’s better to complete something than never completing and waiting for it to be “perfect.” And even admitting this feels like it’s going against the idea of being “perfect.”

    So many people have been involved in this blog and I feel like I let them down. So to those of you, I’m sorry. But having you all makes me feel accountable, which is a good thing!

    The reason I’m bringing this all up is that I realized the problem I was having with the blog is that I wanted to talk about more than just health food, healthy food products and restaurants, etc. I LOVE all of those things but there was more I’m interested in and want to share about. So I thought maybe I start another blog and have 2 blogs or maybe I stop this blog and start a whole new one. But back to perfectionism, it is important in areas to “perfect” something before starting something new. So I knew it wasn’t wise to start another blog in addition to this one. I have to focus on Steamed Not Fried before I add something else to the mix.

    I’m a very black and white person. My boyfriend gets on me for not being grey (or in the middle.) Then it dawned on me, I was making the blog black and white. It was just recipes, reviews, interviews, etc. all about food. But what if what I felt was missing from the blog was the “grey” area that I’m unable to tap into.

    The purpose of this blog started out as a health food blog, and it remains that as of now, but what I realized is that ultimately I care about a healthy lifestyle. Overall, health is not specific to what you eat, it plays a HUGE roll in that, but I believe health is not just about what we put in our bodies but what we put on our bodies, what we do for exercise and what we do for fun/activities, which contributes to our mental health. You can eat all the green smoothies and juices you want but if your mind is not healthy and you’re not happy, in a sense you’re not healthy. Now, I’m no doctor and these are my opinions but I truly believe it’s a lot of things that contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.

    So to bring this full circle, I realized the name of the blog made me feel like it’s all about healthy food, and it does suggest that. But is it possible that my black and white thinking made me think I could ONLY post about steamed food and not fried food? Or that I had to ONLY post about food? What would the grey area be? If it’s not steamed and it’s not fried, what is it? What’s in the middle?

    The truth is that none of us are perfect; we can try to be as perfect as we want but we are human. You may find yourself in a situation where you get pressured to try someone’s fried cooking during a holiday, but just because you eat something fried, doesn’t mean your whole “perfect clean eating” diet has gone down the drain. I know people that eat super healthy but then drink alcohol, alcohol isn’t healthy but how many people do you know drink and then go do yoga and drink a green juice? (I’m not saying these are okay or healthy things/habits though; I believe you are in control of your own choices.) Life happens, and not everything will be as you planned. (Even if you’re like me and you are an expert planner.) Life will throw something at you and it might be something fried. ;)

    Seriously though, I believe in healthy eating and I believe in a healthy lifestyle. And I’m not saying I live perfectly healthy, because I don’t think there is anyone that can. But you can absolutely try your best! There is a ying and a yang to everything! I try my hardest to make healthy decisions and do things to help my body feel healthy. That’s what I want this blog to be about. It’s not about either you eat all healthy food (black) or you don’t and you’re not healthy (white). It’s about making healthy decisions and doing your best to lead a healthy life. (That’s the grey, that’s the middle.) It’s about learning new things to eat, knowing about new products that you never heard of (or maybe you have!) before, reading about new places to eat, but on top of all of that I want to start sharing other ways to be healthy! Ways to incorporate health into your life that aren’t just about eating healthy food. So I hope you all can appreciate this and continue to follow the journey of Steamed Not Fried with me! :)


    (Photo by Bethany Nauert)