• Local Business: Good Eggs LA

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    I'm sharing an interview with an amazing local business who is home to many local businesses products and farmers produce. They are also the home to a few of the local businesses I've been interviewing, too! (Almond Milk LA, Bakeology, GOODBITES, NoMoo Wise Cream and a few others that will be posted in the near future!) Good Eggs LA is your local food system that acts as your groery store! The food makers and farmers bring their products to the Good Eggs location and then are bagged and delivered to your front step (I posted about their system in this post right here!) or you have the option for picking up your groceries yourself at one of their pick up locations! (They are now offereing free delivery during certain time frames, check their website when ordering!) The process of ordering from this amazing local business is so easy! Don't have time to get to the grocery store or the farmer's market? You can simply go to the Good Eggs website and order all of your groceries all from local foodmakers and farmers! Such a great concept! Check out my interview with Max Kanter, who I'll call the "spokesman" of the Good Eggs LA location.

    What is Good Eggs mission?

    Good Eggs’ mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide.

    (This is a shot of their freezers and refrigerator where the food is stored until it's bagged and delivered to you!)


    The website is very user friendly but could you walk me through how the

    website works?

    Thanks! Yes, it’s very simple. Customers head into the marketplace, select a day they want for delivery or free pick up, then they shop. Customers hand select items, like they would in a grocery store, and add them to their basket. Once the customer is ready to check out they can do so by clicking on their basket. Once they place their order, they’ll receive an immediate confirmation, then on delivery day they’ll be notified with an email or a text about their upcoming order.


    What are the benefits of shopping through Good Eggs?

    Quality, convenience, community and integrity. We provide an extremely easy option for people to get locally produced food made with integrity. We also provide a community for local food lovers and activists to enjoy. Customers, without realizing it, are happily drawn into our vibrant Good Eggs community, which we like to call the Good Eggs family!

    (Good Eggs Team bagging up groceries for the next delivery.)


    How does the delivery process work and where do you deliver?

    Farmers and producers prepare food to order and we deliver it within hours of it being made. It works like this: Farmers, bakers and producers receive order notifications 36 hours prior to when the order is to be delivered. In that time they bake, harvest or prepare their orders and deliver the food to our Foodhub in Frogtown. As soon as the food arrives, we sort by storage temperature type, where it remains until just before we pack orders. We pack and deliver orders four days a week and deliver them by bike, car and our Good Eggs mobile. We also offer a few free pickup locations throughout the city. Food is made to order, which means its incredibly fresh and made just for you. We deliver to all of LA from Santa Monica to Pasadena and South San Fernando Valley.


    How does Good Eggs stand above the other local delivery services?

    Since we’re simply a platform for local foodmakers and farmers to sell their product, we have an enormous assortment. We look function more like a local food grocery store rather than a CSA or a produce delivery service, so our variety is unbeatable. You can shop for anything you’d find in a grocery store, but all the food is locally produced. We also deliver several days a week, providing customers with flexible delivery times. Plus our Community Care team is unmatched, as they are always ready to go above and beyond to ensure the customer is satisfied with their Good Eggs experience.

    (Another shot of the Good Eggs LA home)

    Why is it important to buy local produce and goods?

    It’s important for many reasons. For one, buying locally produced food is great way to keep dollars directly in the community. It’s much easier for local farmers and foodmakers to be held accountable if they’re growing food for a local consumer. It’s easier to develop personal relationships between growers and customers, making for more accountability and transparency. Also, local food is much fresher and nutritious. The longer food has to travel the less nutrition it provides.


    What is the criteria for a local business (farmer or foodmaker) to become a

    vendor through Good Eggs?

    Farmers and foodmakers must fit into the parameters of our established criteria. Our criteria ensures that every item in the marketplace was made or produced with integrity. Depending on the type of foodmaker, each kind of food has certain criteria. Meat, fish, produce, prepared foods, etc. each have their own criteria. However, all food must be produced within each city’s foodshed. A foodshed is the geographic region that produces the food for a particular population. All food must also be made or produced with the least amount of harm to our land, animals, and environment.


    If someone would like to join Good Eggs as a foodmaker or farmer, how

    should they go about contacting you?

    There is a process to becoming a Good Eggs foodmaker. Foodmakers inquire on a weekly basis about selling food through us. What’s so exciting is to see a fast growing number of people trying to start local food businesses! All information on how to get started can be found on the Good Eggs site (www.goodeggs.com/welcome). If a producer meets all the criteria and their product fits well into our marketplace, then getting up and running is a relatively short and painless process.

    (Good Eggs is a carrier of my favorite almond milk company, Almond Milk LA. Check out their local business interview here!)

    (Each bin is a customers order, so when they bag your groceries they have an assigned number to your name and grab your bin number and bag it up!)

    What is the future of Good Eggs?

    There’s so much to look forward to, and something on all of our minds right now is our Foodhub Opening, on Saturday, April 12th. We’re welcoming Angelenos into our new home at the old Hostess Factory to celebrate the opening of our new space. We’ll introduce dozens of foodmakers, snack on delicious local food from our region, enjoy hands-on food-making demos and much more. It’s an event for the whole family! We’re also experimenting with bike delivery in a number of neighborhoods, including Venice, Santa Monica, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Downtown and Larchmont, which are all neighborhoods a high order density and where parking and traffic can be burdensome. Finally our Foodmaker team is working around the clock make sure we have LA’s best and tastiest food offered on our site every day. Plus you’ll see delivery options expand to five days a week in the very near future.



    Written, Interviewed and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

  • Good Eggs LA Home Delivery

    Happy Tuesday friends!

    Last week I got my first delivery from Good Eggs LA, a company that bring local produce and products to your doorstep. You can also pick up from their location in Atwater Village (aka Frogtown) or at any of their pick up spots found throughout LA! I decided to have my order delivered to my home, I felt so bad because the one-day it rains in LA is the day they were delivering my food! They still came to my door though, even in the pouring rain! They have cooler bags with ice packs inside to keep your refrigerated and frozen items cold. Good Eggs LA acts as your grocery store for all things local and made in LA! (Which I absolutely love!) As a first time customer they included a bag of local clementines and a bottle of chocolate milk (Which is not pictured because I drank it immediately! Haha!) Along with their first time customer gifts I ordered some kale (Also not pictured because it got used right away!), lemons, NoMoo non-dairy wise cream, Bakeology cookies (Learn more about Bakeology here!) and the Good Eggs staff pick of the month, Coldwater Canyon Mango Jam!  Everything was very fresh and tasty! Another thing I love about Good Eggs LA, is that they hardly have any inventory, so when you purchase something through their website the food producers and/or farmers are notified and they bring it to the Good Eggs headquarters a day or less before it’s supposed to be delivered or picked up! So they don’t just have food sitting around waiting to be purchased so everything you get is fresh! I definitely recommend trying out Good Eggs and considering using them as your local grocery store! You can start shopping right now in their online market...here!


    Written, Styled and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich