• Local Business: Angelica Xavier of GOODBITES

    Happy Thursday friends!

    Today I’m sharing an interview with an Angeleno who turned her health ailment into a new career path. Angelica Xavier created GOODBITES while getting back her health. She came across raw foodism and found this to be the key to getting herself healthy again. While on this diet she perfected different recipes and snacks to fit her new diet, one of those snacks being her GOODBITES product. (Word on the street is that Angelica also makes delicious smoothies! I’ll have to try one of those next time! ;)) Check out my interview with Angelica and find out what exactly is a “GOODBITE”!

    What are GOODBITES?

    “GOODBITES are a raw superfood truffle. They are raw organic gluten-free and non-GMO. They are low glycemic tree that is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.”

    For those who aren’t familiar with what raw and superfood mean, could you please explain.

    “Raw foods are not heated above 117° this preserves the enzymes in the food. This makes them more nutrient dense than cooked foods.

    Superfoods are nutrient rich foods that are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

    How did you discover raw food diet?

    “In an effort to heal myself and find a solution for a medical situation that could not be sufficiently addressed to Western medicine I literally stumbled upon raw foodism. Researching the results that other people addressing illnesses had found through raw food, resonated with me as a viable solution.” 


    How was the transition from your old diet to eating a high raw diet? 

    “I jumped right in. And 30 days into a total raw diet I was back feeling and looking as healthy as I had been before I was diagnosed.”


    Are you still currently eating a raw diet? If so, what’s your favorite raw meal to make and/or enjoy?

    “I do eat a raw diet. About twice a week I have non-raw meals. This doesn't seem to affect my energy and it makes it easy to be out with friends and family for meals.

    I'm not sure if I have a favorite raw meal but I do love raw wraps. It's a cross between a salad and a sandwich and is very satisfying and yummy.”


    What did you notice most when switching from your old diet to this super healthy and organic raw diet? (As far as energy levels, skin, etc.)

    “I was not in a good physical condition when I started the raw diet so immediately I felt more energy happier and back to feeling like my old self. The raw diet is good for appearance is well. Lots of people who embark on a raw diet notice that their skin glows.”


    I think it’s great how you’ve turned what some might consider a negative situation (being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s) into a positive. 

    What inspired you most to pursue creating GOODBITES through your experience with this health ailment?

    “After my son went to college last year I decided to focus my energies on making some of the tasty, healthy snacks I created. GOODBITES is the first of those snacks.

    Our food industry today is in need of a complete overhaul, and while people are constantly becoming more aware of the hazardous affects of GMO’s and processed foods, many areas of our diet are still dominated by these products. GOODBITES represents a shift in thinking about packaged foods, moving away from sugar and towards nutrients, and an emphasis on sustainability and health.” 


    Do you have any plans to create other raw superfood products?

    “GOODBITES are the cornerstone of our complete superfood line.” 

     Where can we buy your GOODBITES?

    GOODBITES are available on our website www.goodbites.co and at the locations below.


    Health and Specialty Stores

             • Erewhon

             • Co-opportunity

             • PC Greens

             • Artisian House

             • Urban Radish

             • The Oaks Gourmet

             • Artisian House

             • One Life Grocery

             • Lassens-Thousand Oaks

             • Lassens-Los Feliz

             • The Detox Market

             • Aura Shop

             • Farmacy

             • Simon's Market


    Juice Bars

             • earthbar West Hollywood

             • earthbar Sunset

             • earthbar Santa Monica

             • Sunlife Organics

             • Sunlife Organics Thousand Oaks

             • Naturewell

             • Naturewell Long Beach

             • Real Raw Live

             • Hot 8 Yoga

             • Open Source Organics

             • Om Nom

             • Local 1205 Venice

             • Real Raw Live


    Coffeebars and Cafes

              • Intelligentsia Venice

             • Intelligentsia Silverlake

             • Intelligentsia Pasadena

             • Kafe K

             • Bellissimo


    Written, Interviewed and Styled by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed by: Bethany Nauert

  • Product Shout Out: Artisana Almond Butter

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a great one and ate some good food! A food that I love and use often is almond butter and today I’m shouting out Artisana’s Almond Butter. 

    I love this brand because their nut butters are all certified organic and raw! Their almond butter is made with organic almonds from California and are non-GMO. They use a cold press process to have their product be classified as raw. This is important because the butter has not gone under excessive heat, killing all the nutrition. Their almond butter also contains 0 grams of sodium and is made up entirely of just almonds. (The way it should be!) Not only does Artisana's almond butter possess all these great qualities it also tastes amazing! 

    Almond butter is a great alternative to peanut butter, whether you’re getting tired of the traditional  or just looking for more healthy alternatives. Both are great sources of healthy fat, protein and calcium!

    You can find Artisana’s Almond Butter, here , along with many other nut butters and coconut oil! By using their store locator on their website you can find a retailer near you that carries their products! :) 

  • Product Shout Out: Sunfood Superfoods Cacao Nibs

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    Shouting out one of my favorite companies today, Sunfood Superfoods. I’m a big fan of their products because they are raw, USDA certified organic and Non-GMO! (They also are vegan!) Sunfood Superfoods is a family run business out of San Diego, CA. All of their products are packaged in their also certified organic factory.

    One of their products that I love and use all the time is their Cacao Nibs. Some of you may already be familiar with what cacao is but for those of you who aren’t, cacao is chocolate!  Cacao nibs come for the cacao bean or also known as the cocoa bean. Inside the bean are the cacao nibs. These nibs are the most authentic form of chocolate. Raw cacao nibs are full of vitamins and antioxidants, so if you’re going to eat chocolate this is the purest way to enjoy it!

    You can use the nibs as toppings for desserts, add into smoothies (such as this one…) to make home made trail mixes or to bake with. There are so many ways you can incorporate these little bits of awesomeness into your dishes!


    Written & Styled by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed by: Bethany Nauert