• Choosing the Best Juicer

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    I’ve been asked many times what is the best juicer or which juicer should I buy. I usually recommend the one I use, Hurom. Everyone is different though and this may not be the juicer for you. Buying a juicer is an investment and so there are some things to consider before making such a purchase.

    • Price - How much do you want to spend? If you plan to use it a lot then you will get your moneys worth when investing in a pricier juicer. If you don’t want to juice that often but want to have the option to once in a while, that is something to consider as well.
    • Warranty – How long is the warranty on the juicer you are interested in. Some juicers have a one year warranty, others have up to fifteen year warranty.
    • Quality of Juice – This is obviously very important as well! Most of the juicers that create the best quality juice are generally on the more expensive side. At the same time if you are going to invest you might as well invest in a juicer that gives the best quality juice. I also believe though that any juice is better than no juice or juice that has a long shelf life, so it really depends on how you see it and what is most important to you.
    • Sound – Do you plan on getting up early and juicing before work but you’re a afraid you might wake someone up in your house or apartment, then that is also something to consider when buying a juicer. Some of these are super loud!
    • Amount of Juice/ Yield – Some juicers create more foam than juice and vice versa. That is very important when choosing a juicer.
    • What will you be juicing? – When choosing the best juicer for you it’s a good idea to think about what type of juices you want to make. If you want to make a lot of root juices or use a lot of apples or cucumbers getting a centrifugal juicer is a better option because you can practically put the whole fruit or veggies down the chute. Whereas, with the masticating (or slow juicers) the food chute opening is much smaller so you have to cut some of the fruits and veggies before tossing them in. The benefit of the masticating juicer though is that you are able to juice leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard, romaine, etc.) and get way more juice than you would with a centrifugal juicer. You can still juice leafy greens with a centrifugal juicer but you will end up with more pulp and leafs than actual juice.
    • Time – How long will it take you to make a juice using that juicer? Some juicers are slow juicing and take a lot more prep and time, while others are fast juicers and it doesn’t take much time.
    • Multi Uses – Do you want your juicer to have multi uses or do you just want it to make juices? Some juicers along with juicing make nut milks, frozen sorbets, baby food and even juice wheatgrass.
    • Cleanup – I think the most obvious answer is a quick cleanup! ;)


    So here are the top five juicers out there in the juice world that everyone including myself love!


    1. Omega 8006 Nutrition Center

    The Omega is one of the most popular brands of juicers and probably the most loved. This particular juicer is able to not only make juices and juice wheatgrass it is able to make baby food, make frozen sorbets and nut milks. It’s a masticating juicer which means it gently kneads the fruits and veggies to get the juice out. It uses much lower RPMs, making it so the juice has a greater nutrition value.


    2. Breville Juice Fountain Elite

    Breville is probably the most popular amongst people who are just starting to juice or want to make juices fast. The Breville is a great starter juicer and requires much less prepping than the masticating juicers. Since this juicer is a centrifugal juicer, it is running at super high speeds to make the juice. And because of this it makes it one loud juicer!


    3. Omega VRT 350/350HD

    This is also a masticating or “slow juicer.” Being a masticating juicer it is very quiet when you use it, it can juice wheatgrass and make nut milks (such as cashew, almond, etc.) The draw back again to these is they take a little more time to make the juice because the food chute is so small, so you have to prep by cutting your fruits and veggies up. The pro though is that this is the best option for getting the richest juice and all the nutrients from the fruits and veggies.


    4. L’Equip XL

    This is another centrifugal juicer. Very loud but you are able to shove tons of fruits and veggies down the chute and don’t have to worry about cutting it up before. (This saves lots of time!) The downfall is that this juicer like other centrifugal juicers is that is runs at about 10,000 RPMs. So it will juice super fast but not have the same nutritional value as juice made with the masticating, slow juicers.


    5. Hurom Slow Juicer

    This is the exact same juicer as the Omega VRT 350/350HD. I believe Hurom and Omega are the same company, which is why this is. This is the juicer I have and I really love it! Read more about it here! It’s a masticating juicer as well so it’s able to juice leafy greens really well and juice wheatgrass. You can also make soups and desserts and nut milks. It’s very versatile. It’s is a slow juicer so it obviously takes more time to juice with this juicer than a centrifugal but it’s super quiet! You do have to cut up your fruits and veggies to fit them down the chute though, but you get a ton of juice from all the produce you use and much higher nutrition value juice!


    Before I purchased my juicer I spent a lot of time pro and con-ing. There are definitely pros and cons to each and you have to decide what will be best for you! Here is another place you can check out juicers on the cheap! ;)

  • Juice Shop + Market: Bee Organics

    Hello friends!

    Before I get into today’s post, I want to say how proud and excited I am that the blog is a year old! Thank you to all of you that have believed in me (and Bethany!) and who continue coming back to the site and reading all the fun things I’ve been sharing! I hope the blog has helped you in someway or you at least find it pretty to look at! ;)

    Today I’m sharing another market/juice shop located in South Florida! West Palm Beach is my hometown so it’s really exciting to share a spot that’s from my roots! This is a great place if you’re looking for pre made juices, made to order juices and smoothies and tons of other healthy products. Such as vitamins, supplements, energy bars, organic and health conscious sunscreens, lotions, face/body washes, toilet paper, paper towels, etc! There is a section for baby products as well. I thought it was a great place to pick up a smoothie or a juice and to also grab some healthy products. (Not to mention they also have a yoga studio in the back!) Here’s my review on Bee Organics.


    Bee Organics

    123 Datura Street

    West Palm Beach, FL 33401

    p. 561-651-9796


    First Impression: I immediately had a good feeling about this place when I got there! There was tons of space and seating inside. It felt really cozy, especially with the rain in South Florida. It felt like a great place to relax, watch the rain (or the sunshine!) and enjoy a smoothie and/or juice.


    Taste: Both the smoothie and juice tasted great! I do have to say that I really LOVED the smoothie, though! I ordered the Green Colada Smoothie (Spinach, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Milk) and had the Pure Green juice (Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Spinach, Lemon, Green Apple). I would definitely come back to try some of their other juices and smoothies!

    Décor: Cute, charming and cozy! I enjoyed the home like feel it had. There were lots of seating, wood details and a juice bar.

    Price: I thought it was very reasonable!


    Service: Great! No complaints. The girl working there was very helpful and friendly!


    Ambiance: Relaxing and again cozy! I felt like I could have sat in here all afternoon reading a book or magazine.

    Overall Experience: Great! I loved the juice and smoothie, loved the atmosphere and the vibe of the whole shop!


    Written and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

  • Juice Shop + Market: CK (Christopher's Kitchen) To-Go

    Good morning, friends!

    I’m on the East Coast in South Florida visiting home (West Palm Beach to be exact.) I decided to start posting local businesses, restaurants, juice shops, etc that are not just in Los Angeles. So here is my first post on a shop in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Christopher’s Kitchen is probably the newest (or one of the newer) all organic and raw restaurants in the area. They opened the restaurant four years ago and year ago they opened CK To-Go. CK To-Go is an extension of the restaurant but they also offer cold pressed juices, wheatgrass shots, handmade chocolate/desserts, health products and health books. I always like to know where I can go to get a juice and something healthy to snack on and knowing about places like this are really helpful! While on vacation I’m still able to keep up the healthy choices because of knowing about spots like this! I hope others can find this to be helpful for them as well!


    CK To-Go

    4783 PGA Blvd.

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418




    First Impression:

    Very cute! The plaza it’s in is nice and the inside of the shop is very clean and simple.



    I tried a few of their juices. I always go for the green ones and out of their green ones my favorite was youthful. Youthful has been one of the juices they have had since the shop opened and is a very popular one. I really enjoyed this one! The tricky thing about green juices is it’s hard for them to taste smooth without having a ton of sugar to mask the leafy taste but this one was perfect.


    Again, very cute and simple. I liked how it was very open and it was clear what was going on when you walk in. The juices and premade food are on one side and the products, books, vitamins/supplements are on the other.  I always like white subway tiles so that also made it feel nice and upscale!



    This was the only thing I was really thrown off by. Now coming from LA where everything is super expensive when I go other places I’m like oh this is cheap! And usually everything down here is very reasonable, until I was charged $12.00 for one bottled juice. Now there are places I’ve been to that charge that much but very few. I was really surprised that it was that much. That was my only issue with CK To-Go.



    Great! All the people that worked there are very friendly and helpful!



    There’s not a whole lot of atmosphere going on in here, hence the name “to-go”. It’s basically you grab and go. It’s not a stressful environment but you’re not sitting in there and hanging out. Although, you can sit outside in the plaza seating and enjoy your food. It’s pretty quiet there and if there is no rain it would be a nice setting to eat your lunch but I think if you were wanting to sit down and eat then you would just go to the actual restaurant which is right around the corner.


    Overall Experience:

    Good! I thought it was a nice place. Even though I thought the juice was overpriced I would still go back because of the quality.


    Written, reviewed and photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich

  • Local Business: Erin Gomez + Scott Walker of Juice Ranch

    Happy Friday everyone!

    If you’re ever in the Santa Barbara area and are looking for some tasty fresh bottled juice, head over to Juice Ranch! Their juices are 100% Organic and 90% of the produce is sourced locally! I had the opportunity to talk with Juice Ranch co-owner, Erin Gomez, about how she and her boyfriend, Scott Walker, got into the juice business. Erin definitely has a passion for cooking and obviously juicing. During her interview she mentioned how her idea of a fun night was having “detox night” at her home making juices and doing fun detoxing things with her friends. Scott suggested they move the detoxing to a different location and here they are about to have three Juice Ranch locations!

    Have you both always been involved in the food industry?

    Yes, I was working at restaurants, I then moved to Guatemala and worked a sous chef with some girlfriends. Every week I would try new recipes. When I moved back to the states I wanted to continue a similar lifestyle to what I was living over seas and worked on a charter boat as the chef. I cooked and planned all the meals. It was a great job! Scott’s background is originally in film and films for an environmental film company. He is on the business side of things and more behind the scenes. He films all of our videos and does the marketing.


    Was opening a juice shop always something you wanted to do?

    Yes and no. I always told myself I didn’t want to run a restaurant but always went towards the food industry direction but it was actually my boyfriend Scott’s idea. There wasn’t anything like it in the area and I loved making juice concoctions at home so we went for it!

    Do either of you follow a specific diet? (Vegan, Vegetarian, etc..)

    Not strictly, we try different diets all throughout the year. We try to see what works. I’m big into whole and organic foods always.


    What is your best selling juice? What is your favorite?

    The Greens N’ Ginger is the most popular. My personal favorite is the Johnny 5 Alive. It’s sweet, tangy and spicy. It wakes you right up! Scott’s favorite is our new flavor, Coco La Ti Dah.

    How did you come up with all of the flavors of juices at your shop?

    I’ve been juicing for a really long time. I find a lot of joy in mixing flavors. I’m always curious if I can make something into a juice.

    What’s the most rewarding part of owning your own juice shop?

    The community! The people it has brought into my life. People with cancer come in and get addicted to juice and it makes them feel better. Also, working with my partner and it feels really good to be your own boss!

    Do you have plans of expanding?

    Yes! We just opened up a location in Isla Vista and we will be opening a shop in Westlake Village in less than a month!



    Santa Barbara

    33 Parker Way

    Santa Barbara, CA 93101



    Isla Vista

    6533 Trigo Road

    at The Loop

    Isla Vista, CA 93117


    Westlake Village

    2847 Agoura Road

    Westlake Village, CA 91361





    Written, Interviewed and Photographed by:  Kristen Tola Hettich