• Product Shout Out: Perfect Fit Protein Powder

    Happy Thursday friends!

     Today I’m shouting out a product that I absolutely LOVE, Perfect Fit Protein Powder! Created by the two lovely girls at ToneItUp.com, Karena + Katrina. Their protein powder is one of my top favorites because it has pretty much everything that (I think) is important for not only a protein powder to possess but also any food product!

    Perfect Fit Protein is a raw organic powder made from brown rice protein. Being a plant based protein powder makes this product vegan. Their protein powder is also free of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs), gluten free certified by the GFCO, USDA certified organic and kosher.

    Each serving is only 70 calories, 15g of protein, 30mg of sodium,3g of carbs and 0g of sugar! Not to mention Perfect Fit only has 5 ingredients! This is very rare to find in a product let alone a protein powder. Brown rice protein reads as the first ingredient, as it should. This is generally not the case with other protein powders and there are tons of words you can't pronounce and have never even heard of.  

    Protein powder is so easy to incorporate into your diet. I mostly use it in smoothies, such as this one - but you can always use it other ways! You can add it to baking recipes (cookies, brownies, etc.) or into pancake mix. 

    When Karena and Katrina first started Perfect Fit they only had Vanilla flavor protein and now they are offering chocolate and they recently started making organic protein bars! You can order their products directly from their website, www.PerfectFitProtein.com . While there you can also view the full amino acid profile of the protein powder.


    Written by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photography by: Bethany Nauert