• Hosting a Healthy Potluck

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    So often I hear how people have a hard time figuring out how to eat healthy and what to cook. Bethany decided to host a dinner party at her house last week and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you all how hosting a healthy potluck can really help you out in these areas.

    Bethany asked everyone to bring a healthy dish of their choice, with everyone knowing we are all mostly vegetarians; all of the dishes were veggie friendly. If you are not vegetarian you can still make healthy meat and fish dishes! What was so fun about having a healthy potluck is that you can learn great new recipes from your friends that you might want to start making at home! We definitely did! :)

    For this potluck, Bethany made a tofu and kale stir-fry, a spinach arugula salad with pomegranate and avocado (you can find a similiar recipe here!) and also a lentil soup. (Which we will be posting on Thursday, so stay tuned for that!) Lauren made a spaghetti squash dish. Alex brought green beans and a cauliflower dish. Merissa made a spicy quinoa dish with veggies. I made a Mediterranean pita dish with mixed veggies (Which I will be posting soon as well!)

    Try hosting your own healthy potluck! It’s a really great way to learn new recipes and to get your friends involved who already eat healthy and/or for those who might be struggling with how to eat healthier.


    Written & Styled by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Photographed, Hosted & Styled by: Bethany Nauert

    Recipes by: Kristen Tola Hettich, Bethany Nauert, Lauren Pieri, Merisa Libbey & Alexandria Olson

  • Pomegranate & Honey Roasted Almond Salad

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    Trying to keep your diet clean around the holidays can be a little difficult. Especially when there are parties almost every week of the month. Today’s recipe is one that is sure to keep you guilt free (not to mention it’s super tasty!) :)

     Pomegranate & Honey Roasted Almond Salad


    • Spinach
    • Pomegranate seeds
    • Trader Joe’s Honey Roasted Almonds
    • Avocado
    • EVOO + Balsamic Vinegar

    NOTE: You can also drizzle a bit of honey in addition or instead of the oil and vinegar. Either way it gives it an extra-added sweetness!


    • First, wash your spinach thoroughly.
    • Next, if you buy a pomegranate you will want to cut it open and scoop out some of the seeds. This is a longer process when you do buy the pomegranate, to speed this up you can always buy pre packaged pomegranate seeds. (I like the seeds straight fruit itself though!)
    • Cut some avocado. You may not want to use a lot if you are going to use a lot of the olive oil, as avocado is already a fat. So you can always add more avocado and less extra virgin olive oil or vice versa!
    • Add your spinach, pomegranate, avocado, honey roasted almonds and oil and vinegar to a bowl. As noted above you can also include a bit of honey if you’d like! :)


    Written & Styled by: Kristen Tola Hettich

    Recipe & Photography by: Bethany Nauert