• Recipe: Not Your Average Cereal

    Happy Wednesday!

     Today we are sharing a super yummy breakfast recipe with you!  This meal is healthy, fun to make and SO delicious! It’s also a great alternative to eating your typical cereal.

    Let’s try it!

    “Not Your Average Cereal” Recipe

    Ingredients: (Serving size: Small breakfast bowl)

    • ½ Cup of Cooked Quinoa  (The quinoa can be used hot or cold for this recipe. Both are very good! When used hot this could take place of oatmeal and used cold it’s more like cereal.)
    • ¼ cup of Granola (We love Whole Foods Brand Granola and for a gluten-free option we love Udi’s Original Granola – pictured below*)

    • As little or as much Fruit you’d like:
      • Banana
      • Kiwi
      • Apples
      • Nectarines
      • Strawberries
      • Blueberries
      • Blackberries
      • Raspberries

    *Note*: We used these fruits but what ever fruits you like can be added instead! You can also sub nectarines for peaches or add them both to this dish! 

    • 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Nectar  -- This is my secret weapon! SO yummy! A substitute for this could be agave or honey but I can almost guarantee after you try this stuff you won’t use agave again!
    • ½ cup of Unsweetened Original or Vanilla Hemp Milk (We used Unsweetened Vanilla for this recipe. Hemp milk can be found in Whole Foods along with Soy milk, Almond milk, etc. You could also use these instead of the hemp milk but the taste of the hemp milk adds a great flavor to this meal!)
    • OPTIONAL: 1 Medjool Date (or any dates of your preference – you can always add more if your heart desires!)
    • OPTIONAL: 2 Tablespoons of Hemp Seeds
    • OPTIONAL: 1 Tablespoon of Ground Flaxseed (You can add whole flax seeds if you wish though!)
    • OPTIONAL: Small amount of Goji Berries (about 7-10 berries

    Let’s make this!


    • First start by making the quinoa. If you’re not familiar with cooking quinoa, it may seem like not a lot but it will expand when you cook it. You will only use about 2/3 of a cup of cooked quinoa for the recipe but I usually make a whole cup so I have leftover for the rest of the week. Directions are generally on the back of the packaging but if you buy lose quinoa here is how you make it… 

    *Add 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of boiling water. Then bring your water down to a low heat. Cover the pot and let simmer for 10-15.  Your quinoa is done when each grain spirals out.

    • Now that your quinoa is done you can add it to your bowl. (I used a small breakfast bowl that's  about one cup.)  Pictured: Blue flower bowl from Ikea.
    • Next, add your granola  

     *Note* You can layer the granola on top of the quinoa or stir it in. 

    • Add your fruit! We put on ½ sliced up banana, ½ sliced and cubed kiwi, a few raspberries, a handful of blueberries, 1 strawberry sliced into quarters, a few blackberries, quarter of a nectarine cubed and a quarter of a Gala apple cubed. Toss all your fruit on top of the granola and quinoa.
    • Cut your date(s) into quarters and top with fruit.
    • Top your fruit and dates with the flaxseeds, hemp seeds and goji berries. This step is optional!

    • Pour on the coconut nectar or sauce/syrup of your choice! We really recommend using the nectar though! Another option is you can pour some into the quinoa/granola and then top again on your fruit for an added sweetness! 
    • Pour the hemp milk over everything! 
    • Thank us for sharing this amazing recipe! ;)
  • Recipe: Kristen's Go To Green Smoothie

    Happy Friday everyone!

     Today we are sharing a green smoothie recipe with you! Kristen makes this almost every morning. Green Smoothies are a great way to start your day! They are quick and are super healthy! (Depending what you put in them!)  We love smoothies because you can throw anything (well almost!) in the blender and have a filling “meal.” The problem we’ve noticed and have heard is that people have a hard time masking the taste of the leafy greens. This recipe promises to do just that! It’s nutrious and sweet! Try trading this one day for your breakfast, or even as an afternoon snack!

    Kristen’s Go To Green Smoothie

    You will need…

    • 1 banana
    • 2 Stalks of Kale (remove leaves from the stems)
    • 1 generous handful of Spinach
    • 1 small handful (palm size) of blueberries
    • 1-2 spoonfuls of ground Flaxseed
    • 2 spoonfuls of Hemp Protein Powder (This is optional, we think it adds great flavor to the smoothie in addition to the protein but the smoothie will still have a great taste if you choose to not use this ingredient.)
    • ½ cup of Orange Juice
    • ½ cup of water
    • 3 large ice cubes


    Let’s make this baby!

    • Start with putting your banana in followed by the leafy greens and the rest of the ingredients!
    • Blend and Enjoy!


    • If you don’t have orange juice you can always cut up a large orange (We prefer Valencia oranges.) and replace the ½ cup of orange juice with more water.
    • If you want extra sweetness or an additional flavor, you can add a ½ of a peach.
    • If you find your smoothie is coming out more liquidy and you want a thicker consistency you can add more leafy greens!
    • Another option is adding a spoonful of tahini. You can use this instead of the protein powder or in addition to. This will also make your smoothie thicker.



  • Shout Out: Rejuvenative Foods Tahini

    Happy Friday all!

    Today we are giving a Shout Out on a product we love! There are so many products out there that not everyone necessarily is familiar with that are so great! So one of our features on Steamed Not Fried will be spotlighting these little gems!

    Our first shout out goes to Rejuvenative Foods Raw Tahini! This is our favorite tahini to use! Tahini is a type of butter made from ground sesame seeds.

    What makes this tahini so great you ask? Rejuvenative Foods uses low temperatures to grind their seeds and nuts and always keeps them refrigerated. Their tahini is 100% organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and has 0% Trans Fat. Compared to other tahinis, Rejuvenative Foods has some of the lowest calories, 86 cal. for 1 Tablespoon. We also like that their tahini is made in the US! (More specifically in Santa Cruz, CA – we like it local!) You can find this brand at Whole Foods, online at www.Rejuvenative.com  or you can also check at your local health food store.

    Another cool thing about Rejuvenative Foods is that they have a “Satisfaction Guaranteed “ policy. You can choose a replacement jar with equal or greater value. If you wish not to exchange you can get a full refund mailed to you.

    Try out this yummy product!

    You can use Tahini…

    • To make Hummus (the most common use!)

    • In Dips & Spreads

    • On Sandwiches

    • With Raw Veggies

    • As a binder

    • In Fish/Crab cakes

    • To make Tahini Miso Dressing

    • In our “Homemade Hummus Dressing

    • On Crackers or dehydrated goodies

    • To make Tahini n jelly sandy’s

    • With Falafels

    • In Smoothies/Shakes

  • Recipe: Mint Shake and Smoothie

    Smoothies and Shakes are some of my favorite things to make and get creative with! You can put almost anything you want in the blender together and just drink and go! I LOVE that! With the summer heat here, it inspired us even more for something refreshing and mint was the perfect contender as the main ingredient for these drinks! First up “Minty” Shake!

    “Minty” Shake


    • 1 Large Banana
    • 2 Handfuls of Spinach
    • 3 Spoonfuls of  SoDelicious Coconut Mint Ice Cream
    • 2 Dates
    • 1 Splash of SoDelicious Coconut Milk
    • 2 Spoonfuls of Coconut Meat from a Young Thai Coconut
    • ½ Cup of Coconut Water from Coconut
    • 6 Large Mint Leaves


    • The great thing about this ice cream is it is dairy free, soy free, gluten free and has no added sugar! (Not to mention it's super good!!)
    • Recipe makes 14oz.

    The next recipe is for those of you who want to make the minty shake but either don’t want to have the ice cream in it, are cutting back on sugar or want something that isn’t so dessert like. This recipe could really be eaten anytime of day even morning if you’d like!

    “Minty Smooth” Smoothie


    • 1 Large Banana
    • ¼ Cup Coconut Milk
    • 1 Large Soaked Date
    • 1 Generous Handful of Spinach
    • 2 Spoonfuls of Coconut Meat from a Young Thai Coconut
    • ¼ Coconut Water from Coconut
    • 3 or more (depending on how minty you like things) Large Mint Leaves
    • 3 Large Ice Cubes


    • Recipe makes 14oz.
    • Add more mint leaves for more minty flavor.
    • You can use ½ a banana with fewer mint leaves but it will leave you with a thinner consistency.
    • If you want to use a full banana with 3-4 mint leaves you will have a thicker/more minty smoothie!

    Let’s Make This!

    Put everything in a blender and blend!

  • Restaurant Review: Shojin

    Welcome to our first restaurant review! We love dinning out, so this was a super hard choice to make as to which restaurant we would review first. We decided to go somewhere we both had never been but have heard great things about!  We will be reviewing each restaurant we go to in these categories: First Impression, Taste, Décor, Price, Service, Ambiance, Overall Experience and Overall Rating (out of 5 Stars).


    333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    (Little Tokyo Center, 3rd Floor)

    *Vegan sushi

    First Impression: We weren’t quite sure if we were in the right place after Siri ended our route somewhere downtown in Little Tokyo next to a giant building. We walked around for a while not knowing where we were going and guessing where the restaurant might be. You really wouldn’t know where it was if you weren’t looking for it or unless have been there before.

    Taste:  We ordered the Quinoa Arugula Salad to start with. It was good but very wimpy for the price. We split two rolls for our meal, the monthly special Green Dynamite Roll and the Pirates of the Crunchy Roll. We ordered the special with the sauce on the side. (The waiter warned us that it was very, very spicy.) I tried a little teeny tiny bit and my mouth was on fire! The roll is probably very different when you eat it with the sauce but with knowing how hot the sauce is I think it might over power the entire roll.  It definitely wasn’t anything that blew us away nor would we order it again. The other roll we ordered was the Pirates of the Crunchy. This roll was super tasty! We definitely would go back and order this again! It was very flavorful! This was a good amount of food to split between the two of us!

    Décor: Traditional Japanese strip mall décor but nice and clean. When you walk in you can tell it is a little nicer of a place. They have baskets under the chairs for you to put your belongings. (We women can definitely appreciate not putting our purses on the floor.) The bathroom is clean, cute and “spa’ like. 

    Price:  Really over priced! The salad was $12 for a small portion. The rolls both were around $12-13. They were filling but very expensive for just veggies and rice and no fish.

    Service: Great service! The host made sure we knew it was a vegan restaurant before he seated us and greeted us immediately.  Our server also let us know the roll was super spicy which was nice. (We would have not been able to eat it at all with how hot it was!)

    Ambiance: Great spot for a date! It’s intimate, quiet and darkly lit. It would also be a nice place to go for lunch or dinner with family and friends. It is a very small restaurant so it would not be suitable for a big group.  This is not a place to bring a baby or toddlers. (Sorry kiddies!)

    Overall Experience: The food was really good but overall it was quite expensive for what you’re getting. Between the two of us our bill came out to $50 with tip. If you don’t mind the price it’s worth giving it a try. We would go back again to try different rolls (they have a good selection of rolls) and for the yummy Pirate roll!

    Rating: 3/5


  • Recipe: Sauteed Kale and Spinach, With Hummus Dressing

    Welcome to our first post!

    For our first home cooked recipe, we wanted to choose something that was familiar and that we make everyday. This is a meal that is easy to prepare, affordable and takes no time to cook.

    Today we are making sautéed spinach and kale with bell peppers. We have topped off this meal with homemade hummus dressing and sprinkled pine nuts for additional flavor.

    Here is how to make this tasty and super healthy meal!

    Sautéed Spinach + Kale with Bell Peppers

    Serving Size: 2

    *This is recipe is Vegan and Vegetarian and Gluten Free*


    • 2 Stalks of Kale
    • 2 Large handfuls of Spinach (or a ½ of a bag)
    • 2 Bell Peppers (You can use any color peppers you’d like. We chose orange and yellow peppers!)
    • 1/2 cup Pine Nuts
    • Pinch of Salt and Pepper
    • 1-2 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Hummus Dressing  (You can follow our recipe listed below, on how to make your own. If you want a quicker option we love Trader Joe’s Hummus Dressing!)

    Let’s Cook!

    • While washing your veggies set up a sauce pan on medium heat with one or two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
    • As it heats up throw a little water in the pan.
    • Remove the kale leaves from the stalk.
    • Add the spinach and kale. Keep stirring until the leaves soften.
    • Add chopped up bell peppers.
    • Stir occasionally.
    • When leaves start to darken and are al dente you can remove the heat.
    • Add pine nuts and dressing.
    • Enjoy! 


    Here’s an idea! If you’d like to incorporate a lean protein you can always add to this recipe. You can also add cheese on top for additional flavor.

    We really like making things from scratch when possible, but sometimes we get so busy and time does not permit. In those cases we love Trader Joes Hummus Dressing. It’s super yummy!

    Hummus Dressing Recipe


    • 1 cup Garbanzo Beans
    • 1 tablespoon EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
    • 2 teaspoons of minced garlic
    • ¼ cup of Tahini
    • ¼ teaspoon Rice Vinegar
    • 1/8 of a teaspoon of Salt
    • 2 dashes of Black Pepper
    • ½ cup of Water
    • Juice from 2 Lemons
    • 1 tablespoon of Parsley

    Directions:  Put all ingredients into a food processor and process until it's a thinner consistency like a dressing. If it's still too thick you can add lemon juice or water to it.