Kreation Juice

I’m excited to share today’s juice shop with you all! I love a shop that is really aesthetically pleasing. This one is for sure pretty to look at but also has lots of juices, health shots and snacks to satisfy your hunger or thirst! Keep an eye also for their Juice truck and juice bike! They also offer home delivery with their “juice kars”!


Kreation Juice

(This review and photos are from their North Beverly Hills location:

9609 S. Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

p. 310-777-3450

Here is a list of all of their other locations:


Abbot Kinney Kafe/Juicery

1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Venice, CA 90291

p. 310-314-7778


Beverly Hills

9465 Charleville Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

p. 310-247-8110



151 S. Barrington Place

Los Angeles, CA 90049

El Segundo

503 Main St.

El Segundo, CA 90245

p. 310-416-9766


Manhattan Beach

1300 Highland Ave. #110

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


North Manhattan Beach

3516 Highland Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

p. 310-545-7040


Santa Monica Kafe/Juicery

1023 Montana Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90403

p. 310-458-4880


Toluca Lake

10115 Riverside Drive.

Los Angeles, CA 91602

p. 818-761-1348


First Impression: I’ve driven past this shop many times and some of their other locations. It’s always very recognizable because the outside is so strikingly beautiful and unique! It really drew me in! It just looks like a healthy place!

Taste: Great! I love my green juices, so I always like to try those out wherever I go. I went with one that had a little more sweetness. The Green #1 which has Apple, Cucumber, Romaine, Kale and Pear. I thought it was a perfect balance of the leafy greens and the sweetness of the fruit. There are soo many juices to choose from though it was hard to decide and I would definitely come back to try more of them and some of their smoothies. They also have the option to “Kreate Your Own” juice by choosing your fruits and veggies from their servings station! I really liked that they offered this as well as the pre-bottled juice. What is also really cool that they have is a juice machine out front. So you can order your juice like a walk up window and not even have to go inside! I had never seen that before, neat idea! It was like the redbox but for juices. ;)

Décor: So pretty! I love the inside of this shop! It had a modern meets organic feel to it. Lots of light, colors and wood detail.


Price: It’s about $8.00 for a juice. Some would consider that expensive but I feel like it’s reasonable.


Service: Good, no complaints! The girl working while I was there was super sweet and helpful. Which I think is great when going to place like that especially if you’re someone who isn’t familiar with juices and what to order. Having someone who knows how to help you find something you’d like is essential!


Ambiance: The shop has a really earthy inviting vibe to it. All the wood details make it feel cozy and homey. At the same time is also feels very modern and upscale. It’s a place you can definitely go to by yourself to just grab and go or enjoy your snack and juice outside or inside. It would be a great place to meet someone for a “drink” too.

Overall Experience: Great! I really liked this juice shop! I’d definitely go back. I also loved that they sell other things such as snacks, t –shirts, books and DVDs. I want to point out that they sell the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD. It’s an amazing documentary and I highly recommend it to everyone of you! Especially those of you are new to the juice world and/or are unsure of it’s benefits and why everyone is drinking juice! Haha! Anyway that’s more for another post! ;)


Written, Reviewed and Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich