Larchmont Bungalow

Woo! It’s FRIDAY!!!

Here’s a review for a restaurant you definitely want to try over the weekend! Hurry there early though if you plan to grab a seat for brunch! This is one of our FAVORITE places to work/eat! It only seemed appropriate to do a review on it and share with you all our love for this wonderful restaurant!

First Impression: This place screams cozy and cute! It has a very warm feeling! It may seem crowded depending what time you come here so remember to beware of the brunch lines! Other than that though it always feels relaxing to be here!

Taste: Delicious! We come here often and everything we order is so so good! For this review we tried the Garden Omlette (Kristen’s favorite omlette in all of LA! It has yet to be beat!), Oatmeal, and an order of their fresh fruit with yogurt. The Garden Omlette is egg whites, sautéed spinach, grilled zucchini, grilled asparagus and fresh goat cheese. It comes with a choice of toast, fresh fruit, house salad or breakfast potatoes. Kristen substituted her side for the oatmeal for an additional $1.00. The order of oatmeal is served with blueberries, grilled mango and brown sugar.  The fruit bowl comes as a large bowl of mixed fruit and berries topped with granola and a side of yogurt. All of these items were very good!

Décor: It’s very casual, clean and cutesy! We think it might have been a house a long time ago but not sure, it definitely feels like a cottage/home! There is lots of seating indoor as well as outdoors. They have a couch in the middle of the restaurant near the fire place giving it a really cozy feel!

Price:  It’s good! A little pricey on some items but very delicious, so we don’t mind spending a little more. :)

Service: It’s not full table service but everyone is very friendly and helpful there!

Ambiance:  Very nice! It’s a geat place to go to work on your computer, meet with friends, go on a date, etc. It’s usually very quiet but again if you’re going for brunch on the weekends it can get a little crowded there and you can expect to wait in line. (They have a pitcher of water out so at least your hydrated while you wait! :) We can appreciate that!)

Overall: We LOVE Larchmont Bungalow! The food is consistently good! Even if you switch it up from your favorites here you won’t be let down! Great atmosphere! 5/5 for LB!