LifeFactory Bottles

Happy Thursday everyone!

Are you tired of spending of money on water bottles? Or are you just tired of the way the plastic makes your water taste? Well, today's product shoutout is one that will help you in both of those departments! 


LifeFactory is made of co-founders Pam Marcus and Daren Joy. Daren works as a integrative designer and architect. Pam, a pediatric feeding specialist, teamed up with Daren after having him do a remodel on her home. She loved his vision of design and even went so far as to call him a "design genius." 

The two launched LifeFactory in 2007 originally as just a baby bottle company. They have now expanded to adult beverage bottles as well.

LifeFactories bottles are BPA-free and made of glass, which is 100% recyclable! Their unique and fun silicone sleeve design protects the glass from any breakage. LifeFactories adult beverage bottle line glass is all made in France, their classic caps are made in Poland and their flip caps are made here in the U.S. The silicone sleeves are also made in the United States. (Note: This is only for their adult beverages not the baby bottles.) 

I want one! Where can I find them?!

If you go to the company website,, you can run a search with your zip code and find a store near you that carries their products!