Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods: Hemp Hearts

Happy Friday everyone!!

Are you a vegan or vegetarian looking for a great source of protein? Now you can tell everyone about today’s product shout out that asks you where you get your protein from! ;)

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods: Hemp Hearts

Mike Fata founded Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods in 1998 but his research started in the early 90’s. As an overweight teenager Mike turned to extreme exercise and dieting but as he lost weight he still felt unhealthy. He started using hemp foods and they helped change his life and now he is sharing them with all of us!

What is a Hemp Heart?

Hemp comes from the same plant species as marijuana but contains very low or no levels of THC (which is what makes you high.) So you won’t get that feeling from eating these little guys! ;)

Hemp hearts come from hemp seeds that are cracked using a dehuller to crack the shell and expose the hemp heart. This superfood is rich in omega 3 & 6 and EFAs (essential fatty acids) and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and protein.  One serving of hemp hearts contains 170 calories and 10grams of protein! They also contain more omegas than flaxseeds and chia seeds! 

Why Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods?

For starters their products are certified organic by the USDA, are non-GMO and kosher. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods makes their products fresh in their certified organic and kosher facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They are also certified Canadian Organic and European Union Organic. Receiving their BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standards certificate also reassures their retailers and consumers of the quality and integrity of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food products. 

How do I eat Hemp Hearts?

You can sprinkle them on cereal, salads, add into smoothies or eat them right out of the bag! They have a very sweet and somewhat nutty taste making it easy to add almost to anything without even really noticing they are in there! 

I want some! Where do I find them?

You can find Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Hemp Hearts in almost any health food store, such as Whole Foods. You can also go to their website,, and run a search for locations near your zip code that carry their products!