Melina Davies of Olive & Thyme

I had the opportunity to sit down with Olive & Thyme owner, Melina Davies, having never worked in the food/restaurant industry in her life she has managed to take her dream and make it a successful reality.  Originally, Melina worked as a producer for the studios. “I took a complete gamble with opening this restaurant. I had no prior experience with opening a restaurant. I had never even worked in one! All of my chef friends said don’t do it, which of course made me want to do it even more! I had put so much into this venture that I couldn’t fail. I can’t fail.” Melina’s drive, dedication and passion for following her dreams of having a restaurant are truly inspiring. Check out my interview with Melina as she talks about the inspiration behind the interior of her restaurant and her favorite dish!

Have you always been involved in the food industry?

No, I worked as a producer in the film industry. I never had worked in a restaurant before.  I loved my job a producer but I also loved throwing dinner parties and found joy and happiness in cooking.


What inspired you when creating the interior of your restaurant, Olive & Thyme?

The South of France, European culture. The kitchen in Nancy Meyers’ filim, It’s Complicated, was a perfect example that I could show to our architect of what I had been envisioning.

Do you follow any specific diet? (Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.)

No, I eat everything.


What is the most popular dish at Olive & Thyme? Which is your favorite?

For meat lovers it would be the Short Rib Sandwich, for vegetarians it would be the Fattoush Salad. My personal favorite is the Egg Salad Sandwich. I also really like the raw Brussel Sprout salad.


At home, what is your favorite meal to cook?

Bucatini pasta with lemon, peppers and prosciutto.


Do you have plans of expanding?

We are! We haven’t commited to the second location yet but we are very close to deciding!


Written, Interviewed & Photographed by: Kristen Tola Hettich