Shojin Vegan Sushi

Welcome to our first restaurant review! We love dinning out, so this was a super hard choice to make as to which restaurant we would review first. We decided to go somewhere we both had never been but have heard great things about!  We will be reviewing each restaurant we go to in these categories: First Impression, Taste, Décor, Price, Service, Ambiance, Overall Experience and Overall Rating (out of 5 Stars).


333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(Little Tokyo Center, 3rd Floor)

*Vegan sushi

First Impression:  We weren’t quite sure if we were in the right place after Siri ended our route somewhere downtown in Little Tokyo next to a giant building. We walked around for a while not knowing where we were going and guessing where the restaurant might be. You really wouldn’t know where it was if you weren’t looking for it or unless have been there before.

Taste:  We ordered the Quinoa Arugula Salad to start with. It was good but very wimpy for the price. We split two rolls for our meal, the monthly special Green Dynamite Roll and the Pirates of the Crunchy Roll. We ordered the special with the sauce on the side. (The waiter warned us that it was very, very spicy.) I tried a little teeny tiny bit and my mouth was on fire! The roll is probably very different when you eat it with the sauce but with knowing how hot the sauce is I think it might over power the entire roll.  It definitely wasn’t anything that blew us away nor would we order it again. The other roll we ordered was the Pirates of the Crunchy. This roll was super tasty! We definitely would go back and order this again! It was very flavorful! This was a good amount of food to split between the two of us!

Décor: Traditional Japanese strip mall décor but nice and clean. When you walk in you can tell it is a little nicer of a place. They have baskets under the chairs for you to put your belongings. (We women can definitely appreciate not putting our purses on the floor.) The bathroom is clean, cute and “spa’ like. 

Price: The salad was $12 for a small portion. The rolls both were around $12-13. 

Service: Great service! The host made sure we knew it was a vegan restaurant before he seated us and greeted us immediately.  Our server also let us know the roll was super spicy which was nice. (We would have not been able to eat it at all with how hot it was!)

Ambiance: Great spot for a date! It’s intimate, quiet and darkly lit. It would also be a nice place to go for lunch or dinner with family and friends. It is a very small restaurant so it would not be suitable for a big group.  This is not a place to bring a baby or toddlers. (Sorry kiddies!)

Overall Experience: The food was really good. Between the two of us our bill came out to $50 with tip.  We would go back again to try different rolls (they have a good selection of rolls) and for the yummy Pirate roll!