Sunfood Superfoods Cacao Nibs

Happy Thursday everyone!

Shouting out one of my favorite companies today, Sunfood Superfoods. I’m a big fan of their products because they are raw, USDA certified organic and Non-GMO! (They also are vegan!) Sunfood Superfoods is a family run business out of San Diego, CA. All of their products are packaged in their also certified organic factory.

One of their products that I love and use all the time is their Cacao Nibs. Some of you may already be familiar with what cacao is but for those of you who aren’t, cacao is chocolate!  Cacao nibs come for the cacao bean or also known as the cocoa bean. Inside the bean are the cacao nibs. These nibs are the most authentic form of chocolate. Raw cacao nibs are full of vitamins and antioxidants, so if you’re going to eat chocolate this is the purest way to enjoy it!

You can use the nibs as toppings for desserts, add into smoothies (such as this one…) to make home made trail mixes or to bake with. There are so many ways you can incorporate these little bits of awesomeness into your dishes!


Written & Styled by: Kristen Tola Hettich

Photographed by: Bethany Nauert