SunWarrior Classic Raw Vegan Protein Powder

We are shouting out a product today that will soon be a favorite (if not already!) to all the raw vegans, vegans and vegetarians out there! This plant based raw vegan protein powder has several positive qualities! Check out why we love this awesome product!

SunWarrior Classic Raw Vegan Protein Powder

Who is SunWarrior?

Nick Stern and Denley Fowlke are the two gentlemen that partnered up to make SunWarrior. Both of these men had different paths, which influenced them to develop a product that was raw, healthy and a great source of plant protein.

Nick became interested in body building competition and as most body builders he ate a high protein diet consisting of lots of meat and eggs. Aesthetically he looked great but he didn’t feel great on the inside. He later made the decision to get back on a plant-based diet. 

For Denley Fowlke it was the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in his two twin daughters that lead him and his family to a healthy lifestyle and to pursue creating a line of raw vegan products.

Here you can view a video of their stories from them personally!

*I have to say the video really touched me. Whenever I hear stories like both of these it validates the importance of why eating a healthy diet is good for you! It also reminds me how powerful food is and how it truly affects us physically and mentally!*

What is Protein Powder?

Protein Powder is a dietary supplement commonly made from whey, casein, soy, rice and some from egg. Protein is important because it helps the body build and maintain muscle and tissue. It also helps your body create new cells and repair existing ones. Protein is in every cell of our bodies! Protein is made up of 20 amino acids; SunWarrior contains 18 of the 20 in their powder!

Why is SunWarrior such a great protein powder?

For starters it’s plant based! There are lots of people out there that would debate that plants and plant based products aren't a great way to get protein and blah blah blah. I can also guarantee any vegan and/or vegetarian reading this has had this conversation with someone who eats meat, clearly. I’m not here to take sides as to who’s right and who’s wrong but if you don’t eat meat this is a great product to incorporate into your diet. :)

SunWarrior Protein Powder is also Non-GMO, hypoallergenic, soy free, dairy free and gluten free!

What I also like about this particular protein powder is that it’s low in calories,(only 80 per scoop!) it’s high in protein (16g a scoop) and it is low in sugar! (1g per scoop)

I’ve never used a protein powder before, how do I incorporate this awesomeness into my diet?!

It’s so easy! You can either add it to your smooties/shakes, mix it with water or any milk or nut milk of your choice OR you can always bake/cook with it. I really like making protein pancakes! (They are delicious!)

Where can I go to buy this product?

You can either go directly to the SunWarrior website ( and order offline or you can run a search through their site to find a location near your zip code that sells their products!