Rejuvenative Foods Tahini

Happy Friday all!

Today we are giving a Shout Out on a product we love! There are so many products out there that not everyone necessarily is familiar with that are so great! So one of our features on Steamed Not Fried will be spotlighting these little gems!

Our first shout out goes to Rejuvenative Foods Raw Tahini! This is our favorite tahini to use! Tahini is a type of butter made from ground sesame seeds.

What makes this tahini so great you ask? Rejuvenative Foods uses low temperatures to grind their seeds and nuts and always keeps them refrigerated. Their tahini is 100% organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and has 0% Trans Fat. Compared to other tahinis, Rejuvenative Foods has some of the lowest calories, 86 cal. for 1 Tablespoon. We also like that their tahini is made in the US! (More specifically in Santa Cruz, CA – we like it local!) You can find this brand at Whole Foods, online at  or you can also check at your local health food store.

Another cool thing about Rejuvenative Foods is that they have a “Satisfaction Guaranteed “ policy. You can choose a replacement jar with equal or greater value. If you wish not to exchange you can get a full refund mailed to you.

Try out this yummy product!

You can use Tahini…

  • To make Hummus (the most common use!)

  • In Dips & Spreads

  • On Sandwiches

  • With Raw Veggies

  • As a binder

  • In Fish/Crab cakes

  • To make Tahini Miso Dressing

  • In our “Homemade Hummus Dressing

  • On Crackers or dehydrated goodies

  • To make Tahini n jelly sandy’s

  • With Falafels

  • In Smoothies/Shakes