The Happy Egg Co.

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! :)

Today we are shouting out a favorite brand of eggs, The Happy Egg Co.  You’re probably wondering why we’re doing a shout out for eggs. An egg’s an egg, right? Technically it is but this particular company stands out among the rest! 

Let's see why! 

Why this brand?

The most important thing to point out here is that their hens are Free Range. This is different from “Cage-Free” hens. Cage Free means the hens are not in cages but they are kept in a barn and usually still very close to one another, depending on the farm. The Happy Egg Co. allows their hens to roam freely outside on four acres of land. The hens have wooden structures to play on and hang out under. At night the hens go into the barn but the barn has what they call “pop holes” which give the hens room to go in and out of the barn as they wish.

Their hens are also fed a vegetarian diet and they never use antibiotics or hormones. The feed they use is organic and grown without GMOs or pesticides. The Happy Egg Co. is also Certified Humane through a third party animal welfare certification program.

Another cool thing about these eggs is they mark what date and lane your eggs came from! It makes you feel a little more connected and “in the know” as to where your eggs actually came from!

I really like how this company let’s you know what their deal is and seem very up front and honest about how they care for their hens - at least that’s the way I see it. :) They also have a great website,, where you can view videos of their hens playing and they also have some recipes on there as well!

Where can you buy these eggs?

On their website you can run a search within a 5,10 or 20 mile radius of your zipcode. If you are local to Los Angeles you can pick them up at Fresh & Easy, Gelson’s or Ralphs. (But check before on their website to make sure!)