Two Moms In The Raw

Are you looking for a healthy alternative when it comes to “grab n go” snacks? It can sometimes feel like there are no healthy options or ways to maintain your clean diet while on the run. Today’s product shout out is one to remember in those situations!  

Two Moms In The Raw

So who are the “Two Moms”?

Two moms is made up of Shari Leidich and her mother Marsha Koolik, along with Shari’s parents, husband and in-laws. Shari started making these tasty treats after she was diagnosed with MS in 2004. She then switched to a raw food diet, which has helped her get back to better health! 

Why do we love Two Moms In The Raw?

Besides being a great family owned and operated company we love that their products are raw (which means none of the ingredients were cooked or exposed to temperatures above 105, some would even say 115 or even 118 degrees, to us it's all about the same! This is a popular way to eat because the enzymes in the food are not destryoed or damaged from high heat.), 100% organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten free and vegan! All of their products are made and packaged by hand! It’s also really cool that their packaging is made up of 100% recycled/35% post consumer waste material! (Way to be eco friendly!)

What type of products do they offer?

They have Nut Bars, Granola Bars, Sea Crackers, Truffles and Cereal.

What's in these things?!

Nut bars: nuts, fruit, agave and spices

Truffles: nuts, cacao, agave and spices 

Granola: spices, seeds, nuts fruit, agave, grains and spices

Cereals: fruit, seeds, nuts and spices

These look delicious! Where can I buy these?!

You can run a search on their website, www. and it will list all the locations near your zip code that carry these products!

*Pictured: Blueberry Granola Bars, Almond Butter Cacao Truffles, Grain Free Cereal, Cranberry Nut Bar & Gojiberry Nut Bar.